Epilogue: Founding of a Country [Erushie]

Okay, here is this week chp also it will be the end of vol 1. This chapter is hard to translate and edit since there is many ambiguous word and the word keep switching between when Syril is thinking about something and when people is talking which indicate with ” “. I have minimize misinterpretation as much as I can so it will be more readable. But maybe there will be something you guys didn’t understand so if you don’t, just comment bellow and I will answer it as much as I can.

This chp is translated and edited by MTLAnon and TLC by XSaurianX, with some help from Hellomojo along the way.

Lucie dance with light step, it make a fantastic scene when her loose costume was fluttering around.

In response to Lucie’s dance, the woman next to her tells the story about the legend of the Elf village.

“Once upon a time, The world was covered in darkness. Demons fills up the horizon, Demon king reign over them, and many town was swallowed by them”

Demon and Demon king.

They always appear in the world where mana was present as natural phenomena.

Mana is the power of blessing. as a counter of it there is negative force called Erna.

Erna is each person’s sense of fear, a form made manifest by power it obtains practically from everywhere..

This is the power of pure evil. Nobody can control it, It spread fear and Scatter destruction everywhere.

Dreadful Beast, Devil and Nature. Those will be the existence called demon that was shaped by their feeling.

Most of Demon King is in humanoid form. Because Human was what people fear the most.

And then, Erna will takes shape as human that possess intelligence far above other race. Since they have intelligence they can spread fear more effectively and in return, become more powerful. As a result, Demon King is a superhuman being with intelligence that can spread fear efficiently.

“The world was full of despair. People are scared and Before long they become spiritless.”

Anything you make will be destroyed. And you will die anyways.

In such a world, Civilization can’t be developed. If you take one step outside of town, there is Demon everywhere. In such situation, there will no interaction between town.

As if predestined, the world would continued to decline.  I have seen many worlds like this.

To prevent that from happening, there is many world that abandon the blessing of mana. If there is no mana, Erna will not be created, and the demon won’t exist. But it is difficult to use magic in such awful world. For example, Earth.

“Meanwhile,There was people who stood up. A Human Knight, A Cat tribe Warrior, Two High Elf. And an angel with body of steel.”

[TL: dunno why I got goosebump when I translate this phrase….]

[TLC: Of course…. H-Doujin/H-Anime/TOTAL FAP MATERIAL.]

These 5 people are famous both in empire and also in Korine kingdom where many race live in harmony they remain as anecdote around the world.

“Through various difficulty before long they finally defeat Demon King. However the price was too great. Many town become ruined because of war. Even though the heroes were young, all of them died and only left the High Elf girl behind. And that girl is our ancestor Shurano-sama.”

In literature, Shurano who lost her comrades returned to the town. While smiling saying that she’s alright and there’s nothing to worry about.

Even though Shurano was in despair, she still smile to everyone.

Even though the girl face seems to shake while smiling. That scene was carved right in my soul.

A noise suddenly run through my mind. Strange, I can clearly remember all the memory engraved in my soul. But there is only two things that I can’t remember within my memories from the past.

However, I have a vague feeling that I know about it.

There is only one thing that might cause it. [I] intentionally seal the memory myself.

[TL: Possible the [I] means his past life personality that seal the memory]

“Shurano-sama, noticing the demon king will revive before long”

It is natural. when the demon king perish Erna will vanish alongside him.

Eventually Erna will gathered from fear again and the new demon king will be born. In the world with mana, Actively hunting demon on daily basis will dissipate Erna even a little bit.

“Shurano-Sama decided to travel so the tragedy willn’t repeated again. on this journey she meet Archmage named Shujina. Attracted by Shurano-sama, he offered to travel together with her.”

The music became more intense, as Lucie’s movements during the dance became more pronounced.

“Shurano-sama, along with Shujina-sama traveled around the world, performing 9 different seals using the world tree as a catalyst. There, it collected evil power and eliminated it at the same time. Thereafter both the demon and the demon king ceased to appear.”

I have heard about the seal and thought it was interesting.

Unlike Mana, Erna can’t be controlled directly so it was impossible to stop it from generating.

That being the case Erna seems to be gathered using external influence. it could be said contradict against each other, but I extinguishing that way of thinking, is the reason that currently stands. I also do so.

It was a high level and complicated method, If there is the highest grade catalyst like world tree and the best magician that wouldn’t be Impossible.

“When they complete the sealing, their journey end, Shurano-sama come back alone, she gathered mistreated Elf and and build a village. It is the beginning of this village. Throughout Shurano-sama’s life, she continued oversee the village without being tied to anyone and then she peacefully went to sleep.”

The music become sorrowful and Lucie dance is over.

The sound of applause from Elf resound.

When Shurano returned after sealing Erna, she wasn’t together with the archmage.

No one understand the reason. After finishing the seal, why they aren’t together, Did she only care about elves who received persecution by human being in those days? I can guess but there is no clear answer.

However,they somehow there is witness about human that had the same looks as Shurano. And people existing in that kind of time, would likely believe that that person is somehow or another related to Shurano.

But still, at that time they only believe in, that a child will inherit traits from their mothers which in this case, if a half-human, half-elf child is born from an Elf mother, he/she would inherit Elf traits such as long, pointy ears, slower aging, etc….

[That was great, I already got tired of tragedy. and this world is special to me. Perhaps that child is…. nah it is good. when something happen I will save that child]

[TL:I think this one is what on the Syril mind]

The word that appears in my head suddenly disappear for some reason. I doubt the girl was with the Archmage.

As if somebody deleted the memory that was leaked out in hurry. Dull pains run through my head.

“Urgh, I feel dizzy”

I said it unconsciously. My head became heavy and my memory is a little bit muddy. I have no memory for ten seconds.

It was written in the document that Shurano-sama was single throughout her life.

She considered marriage and to be in love as a taboo, that’s why she gave up on love in her life.  Perhaps, yearning for someone other than the archmage and being together would have been too painful for Shurano-sama.

“We Elf, no matter how much time goes by, mustn’t forget Shurano-sama. The present world is here thanks to Shurano-sama and that is what we’ll tell the next generations. That is our mission.

At the end of the word, the dance was ended.

My eyes meet Lucie. She was smiling on the surface, but I can feel her anxiety inside her.

I’ll be worried if I can do a successful dance after a long absence.


I said in low voice, while making く with mouth

Lucie smiling face was so radiance. It was already plenty enough. I am going to praise her when we get home. She’s really beautiful. Surely, she won’t lose to the real Shurano-sama.

The Applause before long ended and Lucie went down from the stage.

And then, She was surrounded by villagers and I can’t get closer.

I can take Lucie out by force If I use the village chief authority, But I willn’t do such a tactless thing. This festival was for villagers. I would let them to be Immersed in Happiness, that will be their motivation for tomorrow..

Villagers were cheering for Lucie, some trying to pick her up, others trying to propose to her.  How brave of them..  I will have to remember to give a cold stare to those guys’s faces later.  The ambiance continued to become more excited. The kagura Having not been shown for over 5 years.  It’s only natural after you have seen the show, the village finally realize that they truly had regained their freedom.

I, enjoy this atmosphere while tasting the liquor.

Everybody in the village was laughing happily and proudly.

“Well, I guess I should do the final job of the day.”

Thinking it was the right time I go up to the stage.

And I turn my body facing the villagers.

“Everyone, Please hear me. I have something Important to say”

When I said so, everyone excitedly turn their head and focused on me.

Surely, It must because they treat me as someone important.

“With today’s war we completely break off from Empire hands. We have come to the point where we can’t turn back anymore”

Yes, We had only this large battle, which we happened to win.  There is no way the Empire will forgive us for this.

“First of all, our village is not the village that the Empire rule anymore. Because of that there is something we have to do.”

I use all my energy to express my word that carrying strength and hope for the villagers.

“Roreu, Did you understand?”

By chance, I ask Roreu a question who are near the stage.

Roreu who got asked suddenly became confused.

“Er.., um.. Become stronger?”

“Though that was important, but it is not that. how about you Kona?”

Next, I ask the cute Elf about it.

“Um…, To secure food?”

“Even though it is also important it is not our first priority”

I shake my head and deny it.

“Now, the first thing you must do is say to each other.  We are now a  community united and declare independence from the empire.  This village is now a single country!”

When I say it strongly the Elf eyes became wide with surprise.

“Chief Syril, even if it is this small area, is it still can be called a country?”

“Yes, it is. It didn’t receive anybody protection, everything is decided by its own power. The moment it has been decided so, this place already a country. So, here I declare the foundation of our country and the name is….”

I make a gesture and attract the villagers attention.

Along the way I look at Lucie, she saw my face with the look of mischief.

“Erushie. this village from today onwards isn’t the ordinary elf village anymore. Here, I declare now! Our country Erushie!”

Erushie, it is the name I got after thinking it overnight.

【Eru】means blessing  and then combined with Lucie’s name. Erushie became the name which was coined from these two names.

When I translate it simply, Lucie a Blessing…… or the blessing of Lucie.

As for me, Latter implication is stronger.

“A country, Our Country, Erushie”

“It already have nothing to do with Empire anymore, Our Country”

“It has a good ring”

Villagers…..  no, Country for all, that name is simply that.

“There will be various difficulty from now on. The fight wasn’t over today. It’s only just begun. But if it is us we can overcome any difficulty. Everyone from Erushie!”

The sound of applause and whistles echoed from the the Elves.

Even with vague feelings, preparations for this place began to shape.

Well, it’s starting from here.

The battle between our country Erushie and Empire.

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      1. the story of a boy who led the erofu through rebellion against the perverted empire because his girlfriend was going to be NTR’d(sacrificed/made into demon sone


  1. HelloMojo

    As a Note the section:

    She considered marriage and to be in love as a taboo, that’s why she gave up on love in her life. Perhaps, yearning for someone other than the archmage and being together would have been too painful for Shurano-sama.

    That one has to be adjusted. The translation comes out to something more like “she purged the thought of marrying someone and loving someone for a life time.” She just loved the archmage to the point that she knew that anyone else would just cause her more pain and heartbreak. She did not think it taboo for others to marry or didn’t think marriage was a taboo in anyway.


    1. Shurano is totally Lucie too. This is too specific otherwise. Well, I guess the journey is more important than the destination anyways. I mean, spoiling the end in the first volume just makes you want to know how they get there right?


    2. most-likely in early chapter Syril/the arcmage (the one in beginning) already tired about reincarnation and decide to ending his Reincarnation journey, but he met a Elf woman who smile shine radiance like sun and give him motivation in life again and led to current story. kinda forget why they fell apart, is because The arcmage death and enter reincarnation circle or for other reason


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