Chapter 3 : You should train your body

Hello MTLAnon Is here and bring you another dose of Bandit. Sorry that I didn’t update that much this December since I am very busy atm and being sending here and there so most of my working time is actually spend outside. I miss the time where I can just do my work while getting the blessing of office AC. Actually I already finish this chp for sometime but because I didn’t have time to edit it so it kinda get abandoned for sometime. And sorry for people that apply for the editor and proffreader I haven’t check my mail yet. I will try to release chp 4 this week before I get to sent to another village again. But for now Enjoy.

This Chp was TLC and edited by Sensai please thanks him for his participation.

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Chapter 2: Where is the hunting ground?

MTLAnon here. Sorry for disappearing last week I just come back this Wednesday, since I was sent to another village with no internet at all because of some mistake of the coworker. The only access I get is when I go to Internet Cafe to sent a report. There should be another 2 chapter that I will release today but it is not a bandit. For now Enjoy.

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Chapter 1 : Choice of Person Who ran away.

MTLAnon here I brought you guys a new project which should be one of my secret project I mentioned before. I am asking around beforehand and stumble upon this series. I have read a few chp ahead and it seems to be Interesting so I pick this up. It take a little bit of time to make the word flowing but at least it is taking a shape. So without anything more to said here you go the first chp.

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