Hi everyone MTLAnon is here, It seems like it is just yesterday that I am still leeching around asking each translation site and ask “MOAR!” after I finish reading their project. Now I know how hard it was to translate 1 chapter(well it might be more difficult because I use MTL) so I willn’t ask for moar anymore each time I finish reading… well probably. Oh Welp… Looks Like I am side track a little bit I didn’t post this just to rant.

Well there is some change for this site such as changing the theme(which I like better then the last theme that use side bar) also I will add the summary for our only staff currently at “About Me” and change “About Me” to “About Me & Staff”.

I will add release date in the near future so you can track when the release gonna be coming up since if we finish it faster you might get random release on that week. As for now the release date will be every Saturday.

Also right know I am doing a secret project (not really if some people pay attention to certain forum or chat). Since I found the story interesting so I will post it when I finish it. BTW this Secret Project is something I work alone so you might see some error in grammar and stuff Except there is new blood that coming in. No worries this series will be worked when I finish translating  a chapter of Elf Tensei for that weeks since Lucie is always my priority and the new series is not really priority project…

As the last thing I want to say THANK YOU! everyone that has been visiting this site and give me feedback and correct me when there is something wrong or not right through comment.

Well see you guys in the next post.


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