Bandit, Be Ambitious! To Accomplish Kingdom Revival!


Although I who was longing to live in different world, when I actually came it wasn’t easy thing as I though.

Generally If I go to different world the most noticing will be the field of forest right?

But Suddenly I feel on the conference table.

From the cloth of the people who arrest me, I thought this was probably different world. the survivor knight order of destroyed country, seems to be deciding what to do from now on.

Because they seems to think to restore the kingdom back, what a serious bunch.

when the princess show up, they are discussing their future plan, when I give a slight advice, I have been set as their adviser.

The suggestion I give is, to become a bandit, I wonder if the guys who was the knight of the kingdom can become a bandit?

The final goal to revival the kingdom was full of rocky path.

However, it will be expected even if I find a job in this world but I am still a NEET. They seems to take care of food, clothing and shelter too.

The future was long, the moral of the knight seems to be high, surprisingly it might go well.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

16 thoughts on “Bandit, Be Ambitious! To Accomplish Kingdom Revival!

    1. Little big pea

      Totally agree with you. That’s how I always thought about Link from the Zelda series, breaking pots…. and find the secret economy of a poor family


      1. B0X3R0CK

        the ideal of putting money in the grass you needed to m\be cut was also a great ideal wish more people would adopt that concept.


      2. lordofeaglesbringeroftacos

        Or skyrim. Killing people and looting their corpses, breaking and entering, theft, bribing the authorities, and punching children… All’s good because you’re a hero who won a civil war and halted a dragon invasion.


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    1. I am. I have a next chp ready just need to edit and tlc. Didn’t get any internet this last few days for my laptop so i can’t work on it. Will post it as fast as Ifinish with it.


  4. SadFanChan

    can someone update this im about to die i just read all 3 like 10 days ago

    (is this what i get for reading something that hasn’t been updated since 12/16/15


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