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Just an Ordinary AnonCommander that one day find the weapon named Machine Translation and start to challenge the road of translation. After a long war (which like a week) I finally find a piece of Land in this vast Cyber Continent and Establish my Empire! But It is not the End of the journey but It is the start of the road of translation. In the road of translation I can’t do it alone. I am in need fellow Translator, Editor and TLC to join me as my minister to manage Our Empire! to Expand Anon Empire so we can bring FAST!, ACCURATE!, AND MORE DRUG RELEASE! for our fellow Reader. So If you think you can help us to expand the border of Anon Empire and bring more cute girl like Lucie Start a new Project Please contact me at mtlanon1@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. If you’re looking for a good novel to translate you could look at I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world the translator did the first volume but then disappeared so I don’t think you’ll have a problem taking it over


    1. I haven’ really read that so I dunno if it is interesting or not. will see how it goes from here. I already have 2 project, unless some other translator want to do it and host it at my site I don’t see the problem.


  2. UnknownDane

    Hello. I’ve been reading through Elf Tensei and currently at chapter 18 and while I love the series and that you translates it, it is filled with mistakes, both small typos and sentences that ruin the flow of the story.
    I was wondering if you’re looking for an editor, while I’m not experienced in the field I would be willing to give it a try to improve the enjoy ability of your otherwise good translations.
    Sincerely UnknownDane


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