TWVUE chp 14

Here is another chp for TWVUE. I think some of you know I have start another project on rebirth. I am thinking about moving to rebirth but, I will see when their new site is finished. Well I hope I can do both of this and the one over there in steady pace. I try to build up reserve for both since my work have calm down a little bit.

BTW I forgot to mention that King Space will be changed into Throne room.

P.S the one on rebirth will be updated tomorrow.

Chapter 14

Elf Tensei vol 2 chp 2

So some people ask me to take Elf Tensei again… so here I will continue TL from what I left behind. this chp already TLed for a long long long time but i just finish editing it now. I still didn’t understand how I can churn out this long as chp in one day though….

Vol 2 Chap 2