chapter 6: corrupted by Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity

MTLAnon Here I brought to you a new series and soon to be halted or dropped series ‘Tales of the Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire’

I already half translate this series for sometime but because this stuff is so hard to translate and if it isn’t because of the help of Sensai that help me TLC and Edit it I don’t think you guys will see a good quality of this series. since I want to do something special for one month anniversary of the site I just release this one. 

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Elf Tensei status.

MTLAnon here, I have been talking around with my friends and calmed down after my TLC along with my newly acquire Editor gonna take flight to the TL group named RtD. So after thinking and considered many thing I decided to keep translating the Elf Tensei. If RtD still decided to host one of my project that I still actively translating it I willn’t be polite either. I will translate ahead some of their group project and host it on my site. I have no Enmity nor any contact with RtD but if they still decided to host it, we do know.

I have no right to stop people translating the project since the project isn’t belong to me and it belong to author, but I still didn’t like it when people back stabbing me either. So you reader have it. If RtD still decided to go ahead and host it, you guys will get some of their project chp soon at this site.

Thanks for your attention.


Hello MTLAnon here, I brought you a sad news(dunno about the other reader but for me it is) HelloMojo decided to quit being my TLC and will join another translation team called RtD which I dunno which translation team they are, cause I never hear of it before. So he said to me “I have decided to translate Elf Tensei on RtD and possibly join other projects on their site, due to the extra resources they have to help with the propagation of Elf Tensei.” Oh well since he gonna join other place and doing his own translation of Elf Tensei then I can’t stop him.

I am starting doing Elf Tensei because it is shame to bury a gem like this novel because some translator that didn’t active asked another translator which is active and release it in regular schedule to stop. that is why I pick this Series and start MTL to chpt 20 when I found out HelloMojo my fellow leecher(before he translate of course) start doing it as well. that is why I start to collaborate with him and hope to bring a HQ of Elf Tensei. So for the sake Of fans I willn’t quarrel with the other translator who have right to translate this series and because there is as much as fish on the Ocean of WN I can just move on after I edit and posted my latest chp (with what I just finish today so there will be another 3 chp) So I will make a polling here when the other translator release their own chp whatever I need to continue this series or just move on to another.

The next chpt will be the last chp TLC and Edited by Hellomojo. I will do a final check on it before releasing it ahead of Schedule.

Edited the first Paragrph of News. Sorry that I am writing this news while I am tired and after finishing my own translation. so my eyes and brain is kinda…..