Elf Tensei vol 2 chp 2

So some people ask me to take Elf Tensei again… so here I will continue TL from what I left behind. this chp already TLed for a long long long time but i just finish editing it now. I still didn’t understand how I can churn out this long as chp in one day though….

Vol 2 Chap 2

Chapter 1 : New People

MTLAnon Here. Bringing you another dose of Elf Tensei. There might be no Bandit next week since I will need to go out of town to do some job at Monday to Wednesday. I am prepare to bring my laptop and translate it while outside of town but I hear we will be living in quiet a run down motel so I didn’t dare to bring it in fear of someone breaking inside our room. So I will translate as much as I can tomorrow(Sunday) hopefully I can finish it in one day so I just need to edit it on my phone which will not be hard. Also if you guys see something wrong within this chapter please don’t be afraid to comment it down. I will fix it as soon as I can.

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Prologue: Fire Fox

As promised this is the last Edited and TLC by HelloMojo before he depart on his journey to RtD. He will host his own translation of Elf Tensei there. But I will keep posting my own translation till I catch to the last of my finished translation before you guys decide should I continue doing this series or just move on to another series. I will make Poll when I release chp 1 of volume 2.
This Chapter was brought for you from MTLAnon and TLC and Editor HelloMojo.

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Epilogue: Founding of a Country [Erushie]

Okay, here is this week chp also it will be the end of vol 1. This chapter is hard to translate and edit since there is many ambiguous word and the word keep switching between when Syril is thinking about something and when people is talking which indicate with ” “. I have minimize misinterpretation as much as I can so it will be more readable. But maybe there will be something you guys didn’t understand so if you don’t, just comment bellow and I will answer it as much as I can.

This chp is translated and edited by MTLAnon and TLC by XSaurianX, with some help from Hellomojo along the way.

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Chapter 20 : Post War Processing

Happy Halloween guys Trick or Tread? oh well I decide to give you guys a tread and this chp really suitable for Halloween. This chapter was brought to you by MTLAnon and Credit for HelloMojo as TLC and Editor. Please applause for HelloMojo Joining our Empire.
Ah, yes, some people ask about the Release Schedule for our translation for now on our schedule will be once every week. But if we can do fast enough translation and editing we will release more, no worries. 

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Chapter 19 : Battle

To tell the truth I plan to release this chp in 2-3 days time after today, but because there is so much people reading the stuff I personally Translate,TLC and Edited which was chp 18 it move my heart(Even though I knew some of you people reading it to see Syril wooing Lucie) so I release it early on.

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Chpter 17 : training

This Post was brought to you by MTLAnon 

Credit to XSaurianX and Daily for TLC and Taffygirl for editing halfway through the chapter. So if you start feeling the wording become strange yep that is my editing part.

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