TWVUE chp 14

Here is another chp for TWVUE. I think some of you know I have start another project on rebirth. I am thinking about moving to rebirth but, I will see when their new site is finished. Well I hope I can do both of this and the one over there in steady pace. I try to build up reserve for both since my work have calm down a little bit.

BTW I forgot to mention that King Space will be changed into Throne room.

P.S the one on rebirth will be updated tomorrow.

Chapter 14

TWVUE Chapter 11 + Bonus Chapter

Hey MTLAnon here brought you another chapter of TWVUE + Bonus chapter. Just for reminder there is slight mature content on Chapter 11 so please read it on your own discretion. The bonus is the continued from chp 11 there is other Bonus chp later on so I just put it as Bonus chapter 1. Bandit will be posted at saturday or sunday since I need to heavily tlc it and edit it before I can pull it out so here your fill enjoy:

Chapter 11

Bonus Chapter 1 

Chapter 7 : Derito-1

Hey MTLAnon here. sorry for the lack of chp this December. I have been busy working around and getting sent from one place to the other place this month. I even only able to go back to my home for 3 day this month. To make up for lack of chp and since it is 2 month anniversary for this site I will do a mass release today no need to be afraid since I already finish TL all the chp I plan to release today and only need editting, this is the chp I finish edited before I go to sleep and will be automatically posted on the specific time.


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