Hello MTLAnon here, I brought you a sad news(dunno about the other reader but for me it is) HelloMojo decided to quit being my TLC and will join another translation team called RtD which I dunno which translation team they are, cause I never hear of it before. So he said to me “I have decided to translate Elf Tensei on RtD and possibly join other projects on their site, due to the extra resources they have to help with the propagation of Elf Tensei.” Oh well since he gonna join other place and doing his own translation of Elf Tensei then I can’t stop him.

I am starting doing Elf Tensei because it is shame to bury a gem like this novel because some translator that didn’t active asked another translator which is active and release it in regular schedule to stop. that is why I pick this Series and start MTL to chpt 20 when I found out HelloMojo my fellow leecher(before he translate of course) start doing it as well. that is why I start to collaborate with him and hope to bring a HQ of Elf Tensei. So for the sake Of fans I willn’t quarrel with the other translator who have right to translate this series and because there is as much as fish on the Ocean of WN I can just move on after I edit and posted my latest chp (with what I just finish today so there will be another 3 chp) So I will make a polling here when the other translator release their own chp whatever I need to continue this series or just move on to another.

The next chpt will be the last chp TLC and Edited by Hellomojo. I will do a final check on it before releasing it ahead of Schedule.

Edited the first Paragrph of News. Sorry that I am writing this news while I am tired and after finishing my own translation. so my eyes and brain is kinda…..

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    1. actually it is HelloMojo that will be going there and release his own version of Elf Tensei. My eyes fail me when I am reading his mail. so I assume that RtD is the one wanting to do Elf Tensei and inviting him to join there. Sorry for confusing news. It has been tired day since I am moving and all and after arrive at my new home and continue the translation of it.


  2. RtD is, I think, a medium size group of machine-translators. Their quality is quite good. As the name of the group suggests, they are a group who picks up dead projects. You may collaborate with them like me without joining them.

    They just recently picked up one of the most popular series which dropped by the translator due to RL. It is “Kumo desu ga, nani ka?”.


    1. yeah I read slave harem from there as well. I just can’t understand the group name from the Initial well I don’t think I can collaborate with them since I now know the reason why HelloMojo is delaying TLC the chp 1 of vol 2. I just learn it from my newly acquire editor that he is translating his own version of Elf tensei behind my back and give it to him to edit. I will not work with backstabing guy who didn’t inform me at all beforehand and just go ahead and do the stuff. just like this. I dunno when he finish translating the stuff whatever it is beforehand or after he sent the mail to me. but I doubt he can finish 2 chp in 1 day. Thanks for reading Elf tensei at my site till now.


  3. DarknessWolf

    Why don’t you join them too? Like add both translation here and there like Yoraikun site but need to have back up because I don’t like what happened when Loli quit. T-T
    Ps: Keep up the good work and you can ask your C to work on both sites I hope C can.


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