Chapter 1 : Choice of Person Who ran away.

MTLAnon here I brought you guys a new project which should be one of my secret project I mentioned before. I am asking around beforehand and stumble upon this series. I have read a few chp ahead and it seems to be Interesting so I pick this up. It take a little bit of time to make the word flowing but at least it is taking a shape. So without anything more to said here you go the first chp.

In my apartment, when I turn around when I sleep I think I hit something.

Then I feel like I suddenly falling, I curl myself up unconsciously.

I thought I will made a noise when I fell in the floor.

In preparation for Impact I close my eyes


then I hear the sound of crashing and something broken.

When I open my eyes slowly and look around. [It’s a lie] I raise my voice without thinking.

Apparently I fell on top of the table, there is several tableware that was scattered around from impact.

I think it was fine. Other then that, the problem is the expression of the man that was looking at me with surprise.

“Arrest him! He might be spy from Madeniamu Kingdom”

with one word from the middle age guy that seems to be a leader, The men around me jump toward me simultaneously, I who was slow to react feel dull pain in my back and was arrested. I was tied in bag worm state. [TL: after listening to the suggestion by Andrewsir I think it is either like this or like this]

“Ritosu, roll him up to the corner of the room, I will hear his circumstances carefully later.”

“I understand, Zairasu-sama

When the young man say so, he really began to roll me down. Finally I stop rolling when my head hit the wall with the sound *thud. I become a little bit dizzy.

I move my body with rustling sound, Somehow I was able to move my body so my face is facing on the the table.

the cabin inside the hut isn’t that big. As for the table a little while ago, the length is approximately 2m. At that place several knight stick their head closer so they can have private talk. there is also more than 10 men sitting down while leaning on the wall.

By all odds the table seems to be handmade. The right and left foots intersects in an X-shape. Because it was made using thick board, even when I fall, the table doesn’t seems to be broken.

There were several cups on top of the table. There is also a bottle of the sake that was wound up with a rope preventing it to break easily. [TL : probably look like this]

But the men’s clothing by all means isn’t common. they wore a long robe over a chain mail. Some of the person that arrest me wear a iron gauntlet.

When I take a good look at it, Everyone have long sword.

If it is not a dream, by the looks of it looks like I am in different world. It have the feel like the early stage of Middle Ages.

Even the floor on this room is earthen floor, the windows didn’t have glass, and the shutters is half opened.

Because there is a light coming from outside, it looks like it was not a night time.

Where on earth am I?

When I think about such a thing, I notice something strange. I could hear their conversation a short while ago. that means, we speak the same language.

“have the people that heading toward northern fort return yet?”

“Because they only heading out last night so….”

“Is that so. We were able to get away somehow, I wonder what happen to other group….”

I hear quite a serious conversation.

Perhaps, they are in the middle of war? It would be bad. I don’t think I can fight a war.

I hear a knocking sound on the door with *tap *tap. All of the men at the table look at the door at once, 2 people pulled up the sword and stood in the right and left of the door.

When the middle age man nods, the man on the right open the door with one hand.

When the man do so, A group of several people that was covered with hood come in. What kind of Combination is this?

“Oohhh, it looks like god haven’t forsaken us. To be able to encounter Zairasu Dono”

“First, Please sit down. If possible can you tell me your name?”

Judging from the new comer voice, it looks like a woman.

Some of the men rise from their seat to make a place for the woman to sit at the table.

They let the woman who is out of breath to drink from bisque cups, wait isn’t that a liquor?

“My name is Marian, the nanny. I somehow manage to bring Miss Sadine here.”

The men’s suddenly rise up when they hear the woman words.

Then the hood of the short person was flipped behind.

The short person , is also a woman.

“My name is Sadine. Somehow I was able to escape, while the other Imperial family…. was engulfed in flame.”

“ It is a good thing that you are safe and manage to escape from our pursuer. Sadine-sama would you entrust your safety to us here?”

“The Kingdom have fallen into ruin. Now you must escape from severe search. In the case we are founded by our enemy you should just cut my head off that will earn you some time to escape.”

“I will never do that. But if the princess is determined to do this much, let’s bid our time when it was time to restore our kingdom. For now we should lie low to escape enemy detection.”

What a strong willed girl. But because it doesn’t have anything to do with me, it is not my problem. I am more worried what they will do to me from now on.

“So, what is our future plans?”

“We have thought it together and thinking that we should rely on the northern fort. I have sent two people to do a reconnaissance but….”

*Don *Don with that sound the door was being hit violently and then a young man was being carried inside.

“Aren’t you Remines that went to northern fort?”

“Zairasu sama…. The northern fort already fallen into the hands of the enemy. The head of guard captain and his families is….”

“I understand. No need to say anything more. Take a rest slowly.”

When he say so, the youth want to continue his report close his mouth.

He looks like to be serious injured, I wonder if he is going to survive?

one person that come together with the group of woman stand up and sit beside the youth.

When I was seeing how things are patiently, a light blue light began to illuminate from the hand of that person that was stretched out and enveloped the young man. after that the breathing of the young man that has been coughing continuously improved immediately.

Was it, a magic?

This world… is the sword and magic world!

“we were saved because there is a magician accompany us.”

“We must help each other from now on. What is your next plan beside northern fort?”

“I haven’t thought to this extend. Without a place to rely on, I don’t know how long we can avoid the enemy detection.”

As a fugitive soldiers. Isn’t it common to live quietly at the depth of the mountain?

1000 thousand years later, perhaps a tourist will come over to Defeated Soldier village to sightseeing.

Then what will happen to my destiny? Will I be cut down and die here?

“The Ardennes Mountain range was wide. We’ll take refuge inside the mountain and wait for a good opportunity to strike back”

As having made up on his mind the man that was named Zairasu said that. This is the road where they start to make the defeated soldier village.

Their thought was good, But won’t they unable to restore the kingdom?

“I have a word to say!”

When I raise my voice, my voice sounds strange. Because I am in Bagworm state it can’t be helped.

When the woman look at me with suspicious eyes, I turn my eyes to Zairasu this time.

“He suddenly fell on the table. His appearance is also unusual and wear a strange cloth. And because he is clean and didn’t have weapon, he doesn’t seem to be the spy from the enemy side. So I just tie him up and rolled him to the corner, I will hear his story later.”

“If he is not a people from Madeniamu Kingdom, then there will be no problem to untie him. Even more so when he doesn’t have a weapon. Even if he has a weapon, with Zairasu-dono Presence I don’t think he can harm me either.”

“If the princess say so. Cannan, untie him. but stay close to his side just incase”

The man called Cannan untie my rope.

But everyone was still staring at me, is my appearance so strange?

Because I was in the middle of nap caused by fatigue playing game, I was wearing long sleeve t-shirt and a jeans and fleece jacket on the top of it.

“It is a strange cloth indeed. He is not fit to be a spy with that appearance. And he lack muscle too.”

“He might be an illegitimate son of low level aristocrat that was disowned because he was disgrace to them. By the way you said you have something to say to us some time ago. We are all ear if you have opinion just say it.”

Even though they are willing to listen, but they will still decide it by their own? well, it is good for now.

“From what I hear, the kingdom that was governing this area is fallen into a ruin, and everyone here that was survive here is a fugitive soldiers. From this point there is 3 choice that I want to suggest.

The 1st choice, it is to escape to the heart of the mountain which was mentioned before, with this we can narrow escape, But that was impossible to restore the kingdom this way. There was often such situation in the past kingdom, but the kingdom never raise again.

Second, it was to negotiate with the enemy kingdom to have your own territory at the border of nation.”

“the 2nd choice is impossible though. If such a negotiation can be done, they will not annihilate the whole royal family. the guys that come to castle to negotiate will be showered with rain of arrows.”

“I already heard about the first choice. It was easy to run away, I have heard from father with this choice it was hard to restore the kingdom too. you said there is three choice….. what is the 3rd choice?”

“It’s to stay at this place as a chivalrous thief. When I said a chivalrous thief, it may sound good, But in fact it was bandit. We will make our base of operation at the mountain highway and steal the enemy spoils and make it as a fund for restoration kingdom. When freeing the slave, it will become part of fighting force and when we train the people who escape from the tyranny of the enemy they will also become part of fighting force. We can start plowing a hidden farmland and make a weapon from the hardware that we take. Isn’t it can be said as making a progress toward restoring kingdom?”

“We become a bandit!”

“This was ridiculous. take this guy out and chop his head off!”

The middle age man kicked his chair and stood up, he then shouted while pointing at me. A youth apprehended me from behind my back and start to push me to door before the princess stop him with sharp voice.

“Wait! Do not be hasty. Zairasu can you consider the word that the boy said first?”

“Did you mean become a bandit! it is ridiculous. It is much better if we just announce our name and duel the enemy one on one fair and square.”

His honor as a Knight doesn’t permit him to became a bandit, what a stubborn guy.

The nanny who can be mistaken as a neighborhood obliging aunt is staring at me.

“ Is that so….. Zairasu-dono. You just have said what the Princess want to said.”

“Huh? What kind of thing”

“It is what Zairasu-dono should do. Beside accompany the Princess….”

“Does this mean we should become a bandit?”

The middle age man Zairasu said it to the nanny. Because his voice is not as aggressive as before, It seems like he has calm down a little bit.

“Yes, it is. If we going deep into the mountain there will be a lot of live that can be saved. But, this choice will buried our kingdom from history, without restoring the kingdom. The boy explained a new method for us. Let’s try this method for half a year. During this time, you can think whatever we can restore the kingdom by being a bandits. If you think it is impossible, we still can hide in the mountain afterwards.”

The Princess seems to have bright mind.

Zairasu nodded toward the youth behind me. The pain from my body that was being suppressed suddenly being lifted up.

“Please come here, tell me more about the detail of your plan. Because there is an enemy lying outside. give this guy a boots and mantel, and a dagger. since he already one of us. you can’t fight a battle without a weapon.”

When the princess says so, Zairasu Pointed on the other corner of the table. saying that I can sit there.

It seems like, I will not be killed immediately, I didn’t know what will happen after this.

Even if I have 9 live, I need to advance carefully.

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    1. Robbini

      My first thought as well. Then came ‘Well, magic is going to change things from that. And he actually knows of Robin Hood / similar cases while being japanese? Maybe he’s a medieval history geek’


      1. The Brave Esteemed Pervert Emperor of Lolitania. Prongs Ojiisan the First

        I do read robin hood. Even in most desolate place in my country I found robin hood story in my language. So it’s most likely he read the story.


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  2. Andrewsir

    I now it isn’t really important but I think that when he said tied like a worm he meant with the arms tied along the body and the legs tied in a streched position so he can only roll around


    1. could possibly like that since I can’t really find the picture… I have been searching the google but I got a real bag worm instead so I just search getting tie picture instead. thanks for your help.


      1. Andrewsir

        I also tried to search both of them and while searching tied the vast majority of the pictures weren’t of the right context…


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    Thanks for the breakfast!! Another oukoku development story, yay!

    Anyway, there are some mistakes there, here some suggestions from me:

    The middle age man NODS

    Some of the man→some of the MEN
    (There are also some another plural “man” mentioned up there, I think it should be MEN instead of man)

    Willn’t → won’t or will not

    When the princess SAYS so

    There is AN enemy..

    But if the princess is DETERMINED(?) (determinate means fixed about something while determined means resolved about something, I don’t know which one you are refering to)

    I haven’t THOUGHT

    Does the people heading…→have the people…

    I have A word to say

    He suddenly FELL on

    …become a bandits→become a BANDIT


    1. thanks for your help to correct me. About the determined part it is about the the determination of the princess to bought time for the fugitive knight if when the time come they can’t avoid detection they should cut her head and offer it to the enemy side and surrender. So I think they can bought time not to get killed in sight and will await a court.


      1. Panacotta

        Glad that it helps you hahahah ☺

        I agree with .. MC (wait, just realized MC’s name is not mentioned yet), the princess is a strong willed person.
        Btw, is this adapted to a ln or a newbie(?) WN


      2. It is new WN on ncode. The author update it daily once a chp. The MC will be mentioned in chp 2. It is really a hilarious name though but for accuracy I will ask a friend that can read jap to see if it is right or wrong.


      3. Panacotta

        And once again, I thank you for presenting this story in edible and readable language (read: English😝)

        I’m hook up to this kind of story. “Harem, Yuusha, and being the only guy who is unique” kind of story is too boring now. Muscles and power on top stories are fun to read. But! A kingdom development or world changing stories are the best for me now. I need some OP brained MC, and also tragic stories like those in krytyk’s blog 😄😄😄


      4. Yeah, I kinda grow tired about you are the only special crap like that. That is why I am searching a kingdom builders kind of series. It is also an influence of road to kingdom a 18+ novel.


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