Chapter 20 : Post War Processing

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With the battle over, and the clean up well under way.

All the villagers return to the village without anyone missing.

About now would be the time to prepare for a celebration.

With the food at the village being limited, Originally there is no such leeway for such thing, but we obtain sudden extra income. It’s food and liquor from this guys [TL:Empire Soldiers] camp. Both the quantity and quality of the goods are unbelievable good.

For whatever reason, those spectacular nobles came in order to obtain easy military merits and recognition, it seems they also came to sightseeing. No wonder there were 6 nobles with family crests so I thought.

“I have to dispose all of this corpses after all don’t I.”

While I sighed, I looked at the paved road from the village heading toward the empire.

There is large number of corpses and mountain of casualties here.

“When a person’s body rots, it would become a disease carrier”

If the corpses aren’t handled properly it will cause terrible harm.

When stray dogs and wild birds appear and eat the corpses, they will scatter leftovers that will give off rotten smells and diseases will spread, bringing forth various dangers.

In Siege battle, In order to capture the city the attacker threw the corpses over the wall, it was an effective tactic to deteriorate their health Environment

“This time, I should do it alone”

But if I remain as Syril it won’t end overnight.

In order to dispose of the corpses, I made up my mind to use [Reincarnation Recursion]

To be sure, I use [Perception Expansion] to confirmed there is no Enemy ambush and elves around, then I activate my magic.

“Release, My Soul. From beyond time from the path that was once abandoned, here and now”

Magical power Odo throughout my body activates. My soul trembles.

“My desire is, The Knight who continued to be Virtuous in the world of vanity, That Name is……”

The Former Name. The familiar name is sonorously read aloud.

“Deet! 【Reincarnation Recursion】!”

My whole body encases in light.

Then my body became the knight encased in platinum armor.

“Level, at 24, the equipment ranked up too didn’t it, As expected after devouring more then 60 people.”

Under the influence of soul eater my magic power was increased since last time, when I summoned Deet his power seems to be increased as well.

“With this, the cleaning up will soon be over”

While I breath of sigh of relief, I approach the corpses.

“[Item Box]”

I active the inherit magic of Deet [Item Box]. I store and separate the equipment and the bodies of the dead.

I repeat this work while I go around disposing the corpses one by one

[Item Box] with exception of living things, it can store anything, up to 4000 kg.

“This guy is still alive.”

I cut the head off the soldier that was writhing because of the poison.

Doing that, the head flies, and in that moment it turned into a corpse that can be stored in the item box.

At the same time, I put [Soul Eater] into operation, the blue light was sucked into my body.

It was the reproduced of my special ability during my game era, this ability to devour the soul of the person I kill and use it to strengthen my soul and raise my magic power.

In my judgment, the ratio of soldiers that were dead and the ones still writhing because of poison is 1:1

Well, it is sort of that thing. You won’t die easily from one shot that didn’t hit any vital points. Really, there should be more soldiers that I failed to kill. but it seems like because they can’t take the pain anymore they cut their own throat with their own hand.

Although I think this is cruel, but if we didn’t let them suffer at least this much, we cannot say were making them powerless.[TL:If you have better wording for this sentence please comment on it.]

I kill the soldiers, to release them of their suffering.

We cannot ransom an ordinary soldier, but there might be a possibility of selling them off as a slave, but until there is a country willing to buy them, that way is inaccessible.

Since it would be not profitable, I turn them into my magic power.

“Its about time the item box is full, huh”

As expected, with the [Item Box] limit of 4000 kg with just 40 people included their equipment it become full.

The number of soldier was over 500. There is no way I would able to finish all of it.

“I should dispose of it first”

While I let out a sigh, I enter the forest.

In there, was a large hole with a diameter and depth of 20 m covered with a lid.

This is something that I made while I was taking the form of a Dwarf. This was not just a hole, rather the walls were reinforced with brick. In there, one by one I drop the corpses from the Item Box.

I ignored the awful sounds the bodies made when they fell in there.

“ And this equipment will be kept in storage.”

Because metal was used for the equipment it is valuable. With no mine in the surrounding area, To obtain it could we buy it…? Stealing it might be the only way. In regards to the armor made from the empire’s iron manufacturing technology, If I don’t keep it carefully…

While thinking, I line up the armor in my workshop. I thought about how big my workshop was.

Silently, I make round-trips between the mortuary, workshop and the battlefield.

I drove away a stray dog along the way, and various troubles, but around the 10th round-trip, it became clean in its own way. Blood was still splattered everywhere, but the rain will wash it away.

“Even so, I did eat a lot didn’t I.”

In the end, I carry out finishing blows to around 200 people and activate [Soul Eater].

Because there are not many opportunities to consume such number of people, I feel lucky. But there is still not enough magic power. If only I could store just a little more magic power, I can summon another personality which was more powerfull.

“I can’t huh, I must be too excited.”

I calm myself down by talking to myself.

The elves were allowed to win today.

The most reliable method is for me to make a surprise attack and annihilate the enemy.

Against 500 opponents, I have dealt with that already.

If I didn’t take it upon myself this time, From here on out I have to focus.

There will be times they will be attacked when I am not there. When that time comes they must defend the village with their own power. If they can’t do that then there is no meaning to it.

That is why, this attack was a good level to be utilized as moderate practice.

“The trash was put in order, Should I negotiate next?”

I Dispel [Reincarnation Recursion] and return to Syril form, then I rush to the first noble I shot at the start of the battle.

Different from ordinary disposable soldiers, these guys have information and can be turned into money, I have to collect it carefully.

It would be good if they don’t commit suicide.

[hiii, hiii, hiii, ]

[Aaaaa… Aa…]

When I arrive, The most important man that was giving the introduction early on was on the ground after getting kicked by his horse, his arm was bent a the strange way, but at least he is still alive.

That person who seems like an adjutant is also okay.

Unfortunately, 2 of the 4 remaining noble are dead. Because they can’t endured the pain from the poison arrow they committed suicide.

Pulling the arrow out out of the commander, blood erupted out.

While the arrow is stuck not very much blood leeks out, but when you remove it a large quantity of blood just spout out.

Since he is dying if he lost too much blood I use [Healing] and the wound closes up.

“I want to erase the poison Immediately, but since it is dangerous please forgive me”

It takes a lot of physical strength to detoxify, by strengthening the immune system. For example When you have a cold your temperature raises, and your whole body gets fatigued, but this is because the immune system inside your body is fighting the virus.

When you Intentionally accelerate it with magic, naturally the pain and side effect will also double. It might be bearable during peace time, But if I do that to weakened nobles I may find it difficult to try. From my chest I take out Antidote Pill and Painkiller and stuff it into the commander mouth.

Since the poison coated on the arrows are also used in torture, I made several antidotes for it.

That moment I stuff it into his mouth his eyes become wide and made a relief face.

If you drink this Antidote the poison will disappear in half a day.

“Now I should make him sleep”

Because of sympathy, I shake his brain and he lose his consciousness

I do the same with the remaining 3 people, After giving them the medicine they lose consciousness. From this, when they wake up the poison will be gone.

“Well, I screw up. I should not dispel [Reincarnation Recursion] Deet yet”

I let out a heavy sigh while looking at the bodies of the two nobles that committed suicide.

I diligently strip the armor and dispose the corpses.


I threw all the corpses that needed to be disposed of into the hole in the forest, I took the oil the empire army brought that is used to keep themselves warm and I poured it freely.

When I confirm that the corpses are soaked in oil, I send sparks scattering from the flint.

Furthermore, I send air summoned with wind mana to strengthen the fire.

Of course I did not forget to control the wind so the smoke doesn’t come to where I am.

The stench of a burning human, with oil mixed with smoke poured on ones self, it make ones body sticky and unpleasant. But when carefully processed in this way, it will become harmless.

In the past, Epidemics were caused by the corpses that were left alone, The outbreak of Large-scale harmful insect seems to have been feared as the curse of the dead.

“Don’t think bad of me. If you guys won, the ones who would been in there would have been us.”

That is war. To project one’s dignity the only choice is to fight and win.

This time, we just happened to be stronger is all.

I quietly watch the swaying flames of the burning the corpse, I pray, so that I will never see this flame again, yes, while praying.


I finish disposing of the corpses, then strip the armor off the 3 still living nobles and shoulder carry them.

In my daily life, In addition to training my body using magic, I am able to use body reinforcement magic power. In order to receive ransom money, I have to give them respectful treatment, I cannot leaving them as they are now, I must carry them diligently in this way.

[TL: I didn’t know if the author is typo or the adjutant didn’t count as a noble. but in the raw it really said he only strip 3 nobles armor]

“Chief Syril! Is it really OK for you to tidy up on your own?”

“We will help too!”

When I came to the entrance of village, my childhood friend Rick together with the strongest muscle man Roreu came dashing to me.

I had ordered them to return to the village, they said they wanted to help, but I refused because I didn’t want them to see me in Deet’s form.

In the end, Unless they think that they won with just elf power they will not lose confidence, I do not want to show the villagers my form when I am not an elf.

[TL: I am tired to say Roreu as the strongest man so I will use strongest muscle man like how my predecessor do. Since it is more accurately but weird as a sentence(for me at least)]

“It’s already done. All that left is only putting these big shots into their prison cells and tucking them in.”


“That is a lie right? There is no way the corpse disposal was finished and in two hours no less?”

Roreu and Rick look at me with suspicious eyes.

There is no way I wouldn’t understand their feeling, in that case I want to say “come and take a look by yourself” but because the celebration is going to start soon, if I said that it would be pathetic.

“Well, it is me you know”

That is why I to them explain it frankly, and the two of them smile wryly.

“Well Chief Syril does finish everything he does…”

“Thinking about what Chief Syril does using common sense would be strange. Well then, Chief, let’s hurry back to village, the festival won’t begin without you.”

“There is no need for me to be there, right. ”

“We cannot allow that, It cannot start without the lead role right, We’ll carry these guys(nobles).”

When they said so, Roreu and Rick carry the nobles and disappear into the village.

Once, I return to my house pour water on myself change my clothes and head toward the town square.


“Finally the lead role came.”

“Here, Here, all the food already been prepared!”

When I arrive at the square, Everyone immediately rushes toward me.

If there are elves that are celebrating the victory, there are also going to be Elves that are frightened because they killed people for the first time.

For now, I can only be glad that nobody died in the end.

Beside me, a girl one year younger then me with a blushing face came to give me a plate she was carrying that had small portions of cuisine on it. I take a dried meat and bread were seasoned with vinegar liberated from the soldiers, this is a little extravagant.

“Thank you, I will accept it”

“by… by all means. Chief Syril, uhh umm, I, call me Kona.”

I can’t really call Kona a beauty, but she is cute-like girl with a short hair.

That child came to me with a flushed face to introduce herself.

I am probably popular right? Being the hero of the village and a young chief as well.

“I’s small village after all.”

I smile at Kona who was blushing with embarrassment.

And, Kona froze with smoke coming out from her head.

“Which reminds me, what about Lucie? From earlier I searched but I couldn’t find her.”

“umm, about that, Lucie is preparations for the dance…”

However, Because there is no way I can accompany her, I change the topic, she still gave me an answer while stuttering.

Some how, today will be kagura-like dancing.

the shrine maiden’s dance the kagura is the height of the celebration

Lucie’s family is the house that inherited the dance for generations.

Having said that, it has been never be shown after this village ruled by Empire.

The last time I saw it was when Lucie danced it together with her mother, when she was 9 years old.

At that time the dance rather than being beautiful, it gave an impression of cute.

I become uneasy whether Lucie remembers the dance properly

[TL: kagura: ancient shinto]

“A special stage, huh…”

In the center of village square, even though it was simple, a stage was installed.

The villagers that were good with musical instruments sitting down at there with Elf traditional instruments such as flute.

Three women came out from the stage wings.

Two of three women have a big cloth that was covering the other woman.

The two women are veterans that manage various traditions and customs at the village. So it should be Lucie that is covered by the cloth.

“We will perform the dance of sunlight. Lucie will act as Shurano-sama tonight”

The woman holding the cloth make an announcement and then the two let go of the cloth.

Lucie that was hidden beneath the cloth is revealed.

I was at loss for words at how beautiful Lucie had become.

Lucie was dressed in ceremonial cloth. that was once worn by her mother. Even if Elves lose their pride, they will continue to keep these clothes hidden.

The mysterious clothing was made with several stacked layers of thin, brilliant, translucent cloth.

It produced an enchanting silhouette.

To add to today, Lucie put on thin make-up that accentuated that girl’s cuteness.

When You polish the highest grade raw material does it become like this too?

The other elves is also did the same, they stopped eating and whispering to watch Lucie.

“From this, I will become Shurano-sama, then, I will dance…”

With Lucie’s word the music starts to play and the dance begins.

This dance is no ordinary dance.

This was a reproduction of the founder of this village, Shurano-sama, and has since been handed down from ancient times.

The time when demon king still exist and creating demon.

It was an era when the demon still existed and demons were being born.

This story is when he defeated the demon king and saved the world, along with the Archmage, they sealed the demon king and he was never revived again.

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