Elf Tensei vol 2 chp 2

So some people ask me to take Elf Tensei again… so here I will continue TL from what I left behind. this chp already TLed for a long long long time but i just finish editing it now. I still didn’t understand how I can churn out this long as chp in one day though….

Vol 2 Chap 2

12 thoughts on “Elf Tensei vol 2 chp 2

    1. Ops forgot my nepu…
      ⊂⊃     (⌒⌒)
        Thanks    ||||| 
         Nepu!! / ~~~ \  ⊂⊃
        ⊂⊃ /  ^ω ^ \  ⊂⊃


    1. I don’t know if they have any grudge again me or what…. when i decided to start picking up this project again they start to post again. it seems like i killed all their family in my past life and now the hold a grudge on me.


      1. DNAnime

        The people that are demanding you translate ahead of where you were instead of being grateful for you picking it back up at all? Yeah if they are unsatisfied then they can go translate it themselves then they can make all the rules they want.

        I’m just glad there’s a translator doing something with the series even if it might take a bit longer to get to where the other guys left off at least someone is is showing some kind of activity.


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