Chapter 1 : New People

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“Impossible! Please return, we can’t afford to shelter another 50 people at this moment.”

“That is right. It is the village of Elf here!”

As soon as I return to village, I happen to meet the scene where elves is verbal abusing the Firefox woman.

There is 50 fire fox woman, 40 people were young and the rest are in their late teen. Everyone face look tired and their cloth looks worn out.

The appearance of Fire Fox looks like a human in the most part, except they have big ears on their head and soft tail.

“Please listen to our story. There is no place we can rely on except this village!”

Among the Firefox one of them raise her voice.

She is a little bit shorter then me around 160 cm, she has feminine figure with slim waist and big chest.

Her face give off a calm and intellectual feeling, her eyes give a feeble impression that she was a strong willed person.

And, the fur of her tail looks much better if compared with other Firefox.

It is the face I know well.

It is my former fiance, Kuu. Who’s also the daughter of village chief of fire fox village.

“Please understand! we can’t afford to have 50 more people at this village!

Since a while ago, Roreu the strongest muscle man of this village has been raising his voice. When I am not here he act as my representative.

He has physical strength, and one thing or another he also lead a self-defense group to hunt in the area around the village, so he is quite popular.

Also, since his parent has good position in the village before, he also can read and write a few letters. That is why I choose him

To be honest, If I only choose just based on popularity, reading and writing skill, a miko like Lucie which possess both education and popularity is much better choice. But if I choose Lucie it will be purely because of my personal feeling.

Even when she make a mistake I will let it pass and wouldn’t punish her strictly. Therefore I didn’t choose Lucie for this position. It is my responsibility of village chief.

“We the Firefox people didn’t think we will be feed freely as well. We will work properly and we also brought some present with us. We didn’t ask for luxury. we only want a food where we will not starve and a place to keep us from cold.”

“No. it is a no. Get out now, to begin with when you people was defeated by Empire you people just escape! can you shelter such people!”

In response to the word of Roreu, a cute girl that was in her early teen that was hiding behind Kuu show her face, she glared on Roreu and began to talk.

“Even if Elf isn’t being ruled by Empire I will not come!”

Even though she was young, Roreu was shrinked for a while by her threatening attitude.

“Shut up, Kemin!”

“But, Kuu-sama! It is because the Elf..”

“I said SHUT UP!”

Kuu raise her voice, The girl called Kemin fell silent. Then Roreu recover his momentum from a while ago.

“Because you said it like that, then all of you can scram!”

It is no wonder Roreu push them away.

First, their timing is worst. It will be snowing soon and it will be difficult to acquire food now.

If there is time before winter, I can assign a work for Firefox and it was possible to increase the production of food, when it was winter, even Elves didn’t have any work to do. It will become a burden if the population increase at this time.

If I only have to provide food for the people of this village for the winter I still have a leeway. But, the stockpile to feed another 50 people which was equal to a quarter of the population of this village doesn’t exist.

Just the other day, I have just finished distributing the food for the winter to each family. If we accept Firefox now, it will lead to sharing the food they just receive.

If I do so, there will not sufficient amount of food left.

Furthermore, there is a problem with Firefox circumstance. The situation is that there is only a young woman that run away here.

It is a situation where they must be defeated by the Empire.

What the Empire want is the devil stone that Elf and Firefox possess.

To secure those in long run, they must increase the number of that race. Because of that only women should be left behind. Because the baby that was born will have the same race with their mother, As for the woman that was carried off to Empire they will receive lower treatment then a domestic animal.

In order to avoid that, when it is on the worst situation, they try to let the woman escape.

[TL: So much Rage here]

So, Like the present Firefox

If they are abandoned by us here, There is nowhere they can go.

Other than the race that possess a devil stone, there will no better place to go. If you kill them and sell the devil stone to the Empire, you can make a large sum of money. they are thinking that other than us that was in the same circumstance as enemy.

Thinking about it emotionally, For the benefits of Erushie we can’t abandon them.

“Roreu, this involved the future of Erushie, you should have put on hold of this without deciding unilaterally until I come back.”

“But, Chief Syril”

“Please believe and trust me”

“Well, if you say so”

I took a deep breath, wore a smile and open my mouth to attract both Firefox and Elf attention.

“Welcome, People of Firefox tribe. I am sorry that you need to do this for a second time, but can you tell me why you came to this village for?”


Kuu looks a little bit surprised when she see my face.

“Kuu, it’s been long time”

When I say so, Kuu expression had softened a little bit, then she return to her original tense face in a instant.

The expression was full of a sense of responsibility and pathetic feelings. I was shouldering the life of Elf people, and Kuu was shouldering the life of Firefox people.

[Tl: dunno if pathetic is the right word. it was written like this 悲壮感]

“You, you want to negotiate about it?”

“As you can see, now this village….. no, This country, Erushie head is me”

“A country?”

“Right. Now that we pick a fight with the Empire, this village doesn’t belong to the Empire anymore, we are managing it on our own now, I think that it is one independent country”

Though it is self-proclaimed. To become a country in true sense, it is necessary to be admitted by a country beside the Empire.

Still, It is necessary to continue saying that we are Erushie.

“I see. I have a request. Please let 53 Firefox people to live in this country. It is enough if we can receive minimum amount of food and warm bed. We have also prepared the compensation for it too.”

“Compensation? I will confirm it first, Kuu, what is your position when you talk with me like this?”

“Syrill…. No, Syril. I, Kuu is talking as the leader of Fire Fox tribe. Please take my word as a consensus of fire fox tribe.”

[TL: at this sentence Kuu first is talking with informal way like she was her childhood friend using kun, and then she correct herself and talk with formal way so she is talking as a leader of her tribe using sama]

Her voice was filled with resolution and strong will, Kuu asserted she was the leader of this group.

“Is that so. I understood. Instead of representative, Kuu is the leader of this group huh…. Then the Chief of tribe had died…. and Firefox tribe has lost.”

When I said this, all of the Firefox group including Kuu have sad look.

“ You are right. The man that can fight resist till the end, to earn a little bit of time for us who can’t fight to escape, the one that can’t stand up to journey, before letting the Empire have their devil stone was put in eternal rest by us.”

Kuu Squeeze out her voice.

It is bitter choice for Firefox race.

First, they let the woman who can bear a child free, and the man fight. it would be good if it is only like this. But the old people and the child that was too young isn’t here either.

There is distance of approximately 80 km between elf village and theirs village, they need to pass through the steep cliff and the forest along the way. There is only a little bit of food, and it isn’t possible to carry luggage while escaping from the Empire pursuer.

If that is the case, they can only remain at their village and await to be caught by Empire soldiers and get their heart gouged out or die before it can happen, it is one of this two choice.

“Well, I am sorry”

“Why does Syril apologize?”

“The way the Empire can crush the fire fox tribe one sidedly, I can’t think of other tactic then the using an overwhelming soldier to attack or using the devil stone of wind to suppress the Firefox. The other day, there is surprise attack of 500 soldiers to this village. Given the number of soldier at the supply base, they shouldn’t have a time to collect military power to replenish 500 soldier to overwhelm Fire Fox tribe with number. then it was inevitable it was also the responsibility of the elf because that devil stone of the wind was taken from us.”

“Syril, can you explain it in more detailed?”

Kuu said hardening her voice.

“If I command the soldier of the Empire, I will fight Fire Fox people from the distance.It could be blamed to Erushie when the Empire use a bowman and magician to attack your tribe.

The Effective range of The empire Long bowman is 100 m, so when the Fire Fox come around 50 m from them it was enough. The fire is very difficult to control, even if with high aptitude for it, the range will only reach around 30~40 m, So you can’t attack them from outside their range. Beside, the Firefox hate to set the forest into fire that is why they will fight at the place where they can be seen from afar”

Kuu clench her fist tightly.

“Still, for Firefox tribe if they can close the distance to 10 m or so the Empire soldier will become prey from their flame. If they was prepared to sacrifice themselves they will reach the distance where their attack can reach.

Then, the Empire would place the magician beside the archers as a countermeasure. When reinforced by devil stone of the wind they can make a strong wind to handle them. As for flame, it possessed a strong power but there is no weight behind it. it can easily dispel by the wind. when the fire been extinguished the archer can aim and shoot on defenseless Firefox slowly.”

The Fire Fox has bad affinity with the wind.

Still, If we can use a complicated method to change the fire into explosion or better yet, if we raise the heat it can cause the phenomenon to plasma-tization

(TL: Probably meaning Ionization which has a possible byproduct of making plasma.  Although any plasma pretty much goes through Ionization.)

and the wind can be ignored, but it will be too much to demand it from Firefox tribe.

“Syril. You are right. But, why you mention such thing? is it necessary to talk about the fault of the Elf in this negotiation?”

“It is about reputation. Kuu a little while ago, didn’t you stop the girl that said as it was the fault of the Elf? So I decided to just be fair.”

That is the official reason.

I want to draw the Firefox group into this village no matter what.

To do this, I want the elf to have a sense of guilt.

“Well that is the introduction remark, let’s begin the negotiation. I have heard about your demand. Then let me see about your compensation”

“First, I offer the devil stone of Fire that was left behind by our dead friends. Unlike human, Firefox nor Elf, can increase the affinity to other element beside their own, but it should help in case of emergency. If this Devil Stone can be used to give a blow to the Empire, Even the dead friends can rest in peace.”

There is a multiple way to use devil stone.

Usually, it was used as a catalyst to increase the affinity with the attribute inside it for the race like human which have low attribute affinity.

There is also a way to use all the magic power inside the devil stone and use a one time powerful magic.

The devil stone of fire, if used efficiency will have the power of Firefox that could win against the Empire.

“The other one, Is the mining right of salt. we have brought salt together with us. But, There is only some, I will tell you the location which was protected by our ancestor from generation where you can mine the rock salt, I will give you permission to mine there.”

It is very attractive suggestion for Elf village.

Even though salt is the necessity in this village, but we didn’t have any way to obtain it. It will be great if we can have stable free supply of it.

“Finally, It is our life. If we become the people of this nation, we will work and go to battlefield. But, in condition we are at least treated humanely.”

There is special product that I want to start to the point where human resource that can use Fire magic was indispensable, and when I think there is not enough manpower to start this production, the Firefox that can use Fire attribute magic as their fighting power appear.

“Allright. With that compensation, we will accept it”

“Wait a moment, Chief Syril!”

With so much Effort I have declared the Country of Erushie, Roreu still call me village chief as ever.

“What’s wrong? are you dissatisfied?”

“There is no food and place where 50 people can live. We didn’t like to house the group of Firefox and even divide a little food for them.

And the compensation they offer, In the first place we didn’t need the devil stone, and the place where the salt at, was under the jurisdiction of the Empire. It will be troublesome if we was found by the patrolling soldiers when mining without their permission.

As for the work force, Because it’s adequate only by us we don’t need more, as for fighting force, just like last time, we can win it with just Elf. isn’t it right?”

Roreu argue desperately with loud voice.

Other than the theoretical part, the Elf didn’t want to receive other tribe at this late of time.

Because of me, It seems they start to use their head to think about various stuff. However, I can’t accept their opinion.

“The Firefox group can live at my workshop at the outskirt of the village temporary, Like this it will not bother the Elf”

The place is big with 30 m X 30 m size, Moreover it was warm since it was made from brick. It is a good home If you overlook the problem of privacy.

And there is winter clothes that originally will be used as exchange for the salt with Firefox to dispel the cold.

There is not enough for all the people, but they can they can share one clothes with two or three people.

“As for food, I will not ask for the food that has been distributed back. I will do something about it.”

The distribution food for the winter already end. If I didn’t collect it back, the Elf will not be dissatisfied

“How will you do something about it!”

“Because there is crops that Lucie and I plant and the wild boar I hunt in the mountain there will be enough food for one month so it will be all alright. During that one month, I will buy additional share in commercial city of Ellis.”

They can get over one month somehow when there is 900 kg of potato and wild boar meat. If I am serious, I can catch enough wild boar before the snow fall.

“You mean to spend the money of the village for Firefox!”

“Yes, I am. But, We will be able to make special product of Erushie by the end of winter. I will assign the work for everybody of Fire Fox group. then we will get a dozen time of money then what we spent. Certainly, there is no work in the winter. But, I will create a job that can enrich this village.”

I said it strongly.

At first, I intend to accomplish it alone, but the quantity wouldn’t be much.

“And, Originally I intend to buy goat from commercial city. And also buy the food on the side. I will entrust the care of goat to Fire Fox group. Because the production of special product and care for the goat can’t be handle just us alone.”

With 50 gold on hand, even if we still haven’t receive ransom money, after buying a goat, there is still enough money to buy food.

“I understood, But aren’t you too eager to accept the Firefox group to the village? Chief Syril is strange.”

While still reluctant, Roreu still nods in agreement for time being, But there is still dissatisfied voice.

“Certainly, I am eager to keep the Firefox group to this village. Roreu, and everyone from Erushie, we have won from 500 soldiers from last fight.”

Everyone was looking at me when I suddenly start to speak.

“Even if it there were 1000 soldiers, we can still win.”

I continue my speak

“But when it was 2000 thousand soldiers, we can only barely win while taking casualty”

It was quite accurate if I didn’t use [Reincarnation Recursion]

“But, The moment 3000 soldiers come, we will be trampled without being able to do anything. If the Empire become serious, they can muster 10,000 soldiers. If there is only Elf fighting them, there will be no future for us”

The Elf face twitch when they hear my words.

It is the negative word I said for the first time.

“But, there is no need for Elf to fight by themselves anymore. There is a thing I want you to see.”

I stand next to Kuu while saying so.

I whispered secretly in low voice so only Kuu can hear.

“Did you still remember what we play in the old day? Let’s do that. Please start the fire from the right side with all your power.”

“…..Syril. Yes, I understand. it is that huh.”

Kuu, just for a moment show me the innocent smile just like when we are kid.

I close my eyes and Kuu is concentrate to gather the Fire mana from the surrounding area.

The mana gathered have a terrible force.

The affinity of fire of Fire Fox is 100, they are proud of their affinity.”

“【Devil Fire】”

[TL:the translation said it is will-o’-the-wisp and I read the raw as fox fire but other translation also write it as Devil Fire so I use this one since it sound cooler]

Pillars of flame rises from Kuu right hand at the same time she said the word.

Slowly, it turned to the direction of the road that was lead to the Empire. There is nobody there and there is nothing to be burn there either.

The Flame reach to 40m ahead.

I gathered wind mana and focus it quietly to my left hand.

And I controlled the wind so it will wrap Kuu [Devil fire]


The flame that was wrapped by wind shoot further and reach the distance of 80 m.

If this was a battlefield, several flames can burn down the Empire soldiers completely.

“This, Is the power when wind and flame become one. The weak point of Elf is we only can fight from distance. while the Fire fox tribe weakness is they only can fight in short range.

So, If Firefox corporate with Elf, We can disable the enemy long range attack using wind, and we can attack one sidedly using crossbow in the distance of 300 m, and even if they close in, we can burn them down from the distance of 80 m. So even if the Empire soldiers interfere using wind magic, because there is thin veneer on it, they can’t do anything to interfere.”

When I finish saying to this point, I send a glance to Kuu and the flame was extinguished.

Me who is the representative of the Elf and Kuu as representative of Firefox, our two combined magic is enough to let all the member groan in their place.

“Every Elf is strong. But it is useless if it is just us alone. In addition of emotional feeling, I don’t want to get rid of friends that has been tormented by the Empire. If we didn’t extend our hand here, then Firefox people will die soon if they was caught by Empire.

Everyone, I want you to think. When we are in trouble, if we ask around for help. For the tribe that abandon Firefox here, who will hold out their hands?”

Soon, I want to speak to other village that was tormented by the Empire as well and expand our force.

So I need a record that we have helped a friends that was troubled by the Empire.

“Everyone of Firefox tribe we will accept you. However, please don’t misunderstand. we will not treat you as a guest but as a friends. If you accept the rule of this nation, I want you to abide it’s rule properly.”

They must be able to accept it.

For Firefox tribe, There will be custom and rule of their own. But, This country has it own rule so they must obey that at least. They can’t follow the order if they do not do so.

“Kuu, As a leader of this Firefox group will you accept this?”

“Alright. but will everyone on the Elf side will be fine too?”

I need to check if they agree to this.

Even if I push it using my authority as a village chief, they should at least give their consent for it.

“If the distribution food doesn’t decrease….”

“Well, If village chief already prepare where they live and all”

“If village chief closely monitor it, I don’t mind.”

The Elves give their passive agreement.

For now, it will be alright. But, I want Firefox group to adapt themselves in this village in the future.

Because when we force them to mix, in long run that will cause rebellion. For now I will let them live around my studio outside the village, and let them adapt on it little by little.

“Thank you everyone. Then, this matter is dismissed. Please return to your own work.”

When I clap my hand the Elf go back to their own post.

“So, Everyone on the Firefox group. The first thing you need to do”

Firefox people stiffen their body when they hear my word.

They seems to be caution of me.

“You must be tired from long trip, above all are you guys hungry? I will guide you to my house and prepared warm meal”

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I say so, while smiling.


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