chapter 6: corrupted by Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity

MTLAnon Here I brought to you a new series and soon to be halted or dropped series ‘Tales of the Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire’

I already half translate this series for sometime but because this stuff is so hard to translate and if it isn’t because of the help of Sensai that help me TLC and Edit it I don’t think you guys will see a good quality of this series. since I want to do something special for one month anniversary of the site I just release this one. 

Alrac and Halva the siblings watched how the two adventurer party getting crushed, now the problem has been settled, then they turn off the images from the crystal ball.



“They weren’t a big deal as I thought! Onii-sama”

“You are right”



Alrac agree with Halva words.



“Though, this place only have minimum protection. We need to evaluate this place.”






They couldn’t engage talking to each other again.

Halva’s eyes became watery when she talked to her brother.




“Nothing serious…. , It was the  intruders right?”

“Is that really the case?”





While looking at her younger sister that puffed her cheeks in unimpressive , Alrac fold his hand and thinking ‘Hmm’



“As expected for a long named Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity he has various special skills, even though his skills are mostly brutal forces. Speaking of conspicuous special abilities, it would just be using collars to make servants right?”

“Ahem! Well, Onii-sama! We will now proceed on evaluation of the Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity”

“….. Allright”




Hearing Halva talk after purposely clearing her throat, Alrac responded with cold voice.

While they were watching the goblins of the chieftain of Purruku on their small crystal dragging the prisoners of war. Until they arrived they decided to discuss something.




“First, Even though Onii-sama said he use brutal force, he’s using a skill in the most case.”

“Is that so?”

“That is right!”




Halva informed him while puffing her moderate chest proudly and vigorously.

From her usual spoiled tone, she changed it with polite expression like she was talking with a student.




“First, when the group used [Interception Lineup] to increase the defense, he immediately used the combined skill [Rank Destruction] and [Iron Cutter] and broke through the enemy line.

“So he wasn’t just a power idiot….”

“Yes, To be able to see through the enemy skill, that is evidence that he is used to fights and was able to attack effectively.”

[TL: If you people can suggest more cooler name for 『隊列崩し』and 『鉄切り』please comment below.]




Halva talked to her brother with delight seeking his consent.

Skills, there are race skills which are acquired from the moment when one is born,there are also martial arts skills that are acquired by the handling of weapons, there are also various magic skills where you can learn them by remembering their incantation.

And there are skills that can be used by will and ones that take effect automatically, there are infinite number of skills that exist in this world,the strength of the skill will keep increasing if you keep using it.

Naturally the race skill is an exception from the tedious practice and training, hence why people usually have several skills. Among them, there are also people who continue to polish one skill.

Of course, the existence of someone who only polished one skill to the peak isn’t weak, fundamentally they hold a lot of skills that can perform diverse attacks hence their overall evaluation is strong.



“Next by killing the warrior in the front using [Iron Cutter] and [Twin Slash] and mixing it with [Fear] he took their will to continue fighting along with [Valor],it was splendid..”

“I wonder if it is only because of [Fear] that fellow run away”

“Well, that might be also because there is too much difference in their level, the success rate for [Fear] isn’t that high, because his level was much higher than the adventurer, the success rate increased….”



In that sense, what Halva meant is that ‘the guys that have invaded was a small fry’


“That reminds me, what about magic attack? If I am not mistaken, the magician did throw a spell no?”

“That is only low level magic that reduces the damage. The blue armor also have effect of reducing the effect of flame, freeze and lightning as well, however if he was hit with two consecutive [Spear of Acid] then it might have been possible to deal some damage.”

“I see”



Seeing that Alrac agreed with her, Halva continued her talk.


“It was the combination of [Dual Attack] and [Gale Movement] that killed the two escaping warrior. I think the warriors were killed earlier because it was much easier to let the magic users escape.”

“Beside, the warriors took too much treasure”



The treasure of underground labyrinth can be said as a life of Arlac and Halva.

The money, jewelry, and of course the furnishing as well, and everything that was created at Underground Labyrinth was created based on their soul.

Of course everything that was created was genuine article, even though it was taken away from labyrinth it will not disappear. But, when it was taken outside of the labyrinth, that means they lost part of their soul.

But, there is still more treasure on the underground labyrinth.

Therefore, it didn’t result in immediate death. But, if large quantity of the treasure or valuable treasure is carried out of labyrinth at that moment the two of them will die.

For them, the treasure of the Underground Labyrinth is like their drops of blood.

In this sense, the judgment to kill the warrior that has taken too much of the treasure is right.



“By the way, I wonder if it is because it is the first battle, he only use [Iron Cutter] to kill the warrior and also use unusual skill like [Coercion] to intimidate the priest”

“It will serve as reference.”

“Should we discuss about the defeated women adventurer?”



Halva returns to speak with her usual light tone.

Because the prisoner hasn’t arrive yet, Alrac give instruction to continue.



“Ok. well, for the female adventurer, I let him exercise the skill [Suppress] from the beginning.This skill avoids the high rate of death instead of just reducing the damage. And the unfair [Unhealable Wound] which even with high ranking potion won’t heal the only exception is with recovery magic but the effect will be drastically reduced.”

“Did you thought of catching them alive from the beginning?”

“It is because Onii-sama said he wanted it like that.”



Halva said while grinning happily.

When saying so, Alrac remember that he might’ve said something like that.He didn’t think too deeply about it, but the Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity might have thought he is issuing an order.

In other words, the Knight interpreted it as to show his power.



“I see….”

“Hm? is something wrong Onii-sama?”

“No, it’s nothing”



Alrac who noticed the mysterious action of the knight, without showing any agitation he face his sister with poker face.

Halva with have a blank look while thinking ‘was there anything?’ but for time being she continues to talk.



“Against enemy attack by chance he use [Parry],and attacked from that gap. When [Suppress] was being used, it isn’t possible to use other skill, because the offensive ability of his weapon is high, it seems to be able to give damage without a problem.The skill [Weapon Destruction] that was used by the amazon. That is a skill that only can be used once a day, that means she was pretty cornered to use that! The success rate for [Weapon Destruction] is very low, for that there is a [Weapon Destruction Increase], physical strength and martial art bonus add up to it but even with that the gap wasn’t reached to the weapon?”

“Is weapon magic difficult?”

“Yup, I think that redhaired woman afterwards was unable to fight with the weapon skills she possessed.”


Although it is low rank magic skill, but to use it, will consume a lot of stamina.

Necessary preparation was needed to destroy it.



“Well, if it is me it will be an easy victory.”


Halva said that with a sense of superiority.

Alrac know that those words are the truth.



“Well, the magic equipment is precious. If possible I don’t want it to break”

“Ah, yes! it isn’t broken!”



While looking at the upset Halva with his blue cold eyes, Alrac continue to talk.


“Well, because the [Magic Weapon Weakness] is maintained while using the long sword in that way to inflict pain, but because of [Pain Invalidity] he doesn’t feel any pain at all and will fight until his life force is run out because of his racial skill [Armageddon Knight]”

“It is because you run away when your life force is below half and you can’t move because of the pain”



The life force is the evidence of being alive.

When you suffer a big wound, a lot of life force will be lost.

When you suffer from a  terrible disease, the life force will gradually disappear.

When you are fighting there is a big difference between full and half status.

For example,  if your chest was penetrated through with a spear, will you be able to fight like you always do? When you have a headache because of high fever, will you be able to run like you always do?

Usually it will be impossible.

But with the so called Knights of the End who appear at the end of the world, they are able to fight at their best even if they have a little bit of life force left.

Of course, there is legend that said they will appear when it is near the end of the world, but I don’t know if it is true or not.What is certain is that the Knights of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity will continue to fight until all of their life force is spent.



“If perhaps, it didn’t have the racial skill [The End of The Knight], It mightn’t lost.”

“It will become a good lesson not to underestimate human beings”

“Yes!, you are right, Onii-sama!”



If there is another person that is using the same equipment, Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity might be defeated.

Naturally it will dedicate itself to immediately to victory against [Sword of Faith] and will fight without holding back.



“Finally, I will explain about the collars that use [Servant Creation]”


“The [Servant Creation] is the magic to make familiar, It is the same skill like how alchemist create a homunculus and automatons, The [Servant Creation] skill he uses is called [Hound Creation of Depravity] it is slightly different from the other [Servant Creation] skills”

“It is like how magician using a blood and alchemist using a chemical”

“Yup! Beside there is also a necromancer that use dead body, and Arcana magician sometime will use devil stone, But what it use is….”

“A human being”




Halva said it with sparkling eyes as if she was holding a toy.



“It can use [Hound Creation of Depravity] on defeated opponent that haven’t died yet. As for Human being whom was attached with the collar, all the wound will be healed immediately and fully loyal hound to the knight. All the emotion and the mind will be sealed, and It will change into a hound that will act according to the knight order.”

“Why the person who became a hound can cast a magic?”

“That is what is great about [Hounds Creation of Depravity]! The person that has become a hounds will not forget any skill or magic he/she have. It is possible to use it when it was ordered by their master.”


“The Hounds is absolutely obedient to it’s master order. It doesn’t matter whatever it is friend, parent or siblings as long as it master order they will even kill their best friends or lover”




What a bad taste.

Alrac swallow back the word that he almost let out unintentionally.

What is wrong with it?

Whatever it is suitable for people that has lost the battle, there is thin smile floated in her lips.



“However, their intelligence also falls to the same level of a dog, it is unsuitable to become a conversation partner or puppet. Later on when there is opponent that was stronger than the knight or somebody who has mental control resistance this skill can’t be used on these people..”

“If you say it like that, is it not effective against a woman?”

“That is right.But I don’t think there should be a special restriction on gender?”



Halva reply back with murmuring.


“The range where the hounds can move, is it only around 10m where the knight chains can extend to?”

“What about food and excretion?”

“According to the book, the hounds will become the same existence with the Knight it is unnecessary to eat and drink. Well even if it is unnecessary it might go hungry!  But I don’t know anything about going to the toilet though~. It will be the responsibility of the master! Or should we let them eat what they throw out~?”



Ignoring Halva that has a wicked smile, Alrac thinks he have to made a place to produce food soon.

It isn’t difficult to make inorganic thing like gold or jewel. But, it is a different story if it was food. It is difficult to produce bread and soup instantly.

There is no choice but to have the goblins buy food for a short while, instead of losing money, it will be drops of blood.

Fortunately there is secured water source, looks like there will be no problem with water for now, anyways we need to become self-sufficient early on.



“Alrac-sama! Halva-sama! I have brought the prisoner!!”



It looks like Purrukku has arrived.

For now Alrac will leave the matter about food at the corner of his mind and gave permission to enter.

Purrukku and the poorly armed goblin entered and carried the leader of [Sword of Faith] on a stretcher who was groaning due to pain and the tied priest Derito whose face was becoming pale and they were brought before the masters of the labyrinth.

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[TLC/Editing note:The author can go copulate himself with his poor naming sense on people or skills.Apparently he was not Chuuninbyou enough to name good skills so he used words that described actions.]

[TL note: because of the reason above I don’t think I will be able to continue translating this series for long since some of the skill/monster name is so horrible to read that if I didn’t get help from TLC and reference from previous translator I don’t think I can do it. I will still do chp 7 but don’t expect it to be fast.]

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