Chapter 7 : Derito-1

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Derito was taken by the goblin to the depth of the labyrinth.

The Goblin that was in front of the group, Purukku give a shout in front of the door.


“Alrac-sama! Halva-sama! I have brought the prisoner!!”


What a huge door.

The door that was drawn with picture of devil and angel fighting each other with their weapon make a sound as the door slowly open.



“Ora, Walk!”


Purruku say roughly

Even though Derito was in fear, he walk inside slowly.

The place where he enter was called [King Space]

He hold his breath because of the amazement when he enter the room, remember where he is, he focus  his attention to look for the master of this room.



“You have come, intruder.”

“Umu, welcome.”



They were located at high place, from there they can look down on them.

Alrac and Halva, the 2 sibling was sitting on the king throne, and look down on Derito.



“First, How about telling us your name first?”

“— auxiliary, Falsehood Judgment.”



It wasn’t permitted to lie in front of her elder brother, that is why Halva cast the magic that can detect lie.


“I wouldn’t recommend you to lie~”


Seeing how intimidating Alrac is, the smile that was suitable to Halva age bloom on her face.


“Um, Derito…. is it”

“The man that was groaning there?”

“Tiles, he is our leader.”



So, please don’t ask me anything more is what he think, but the next word shattered his wish.


“He seems to be injured. Derito instead of him, you will answer the question.”

“Y, yes”



His body was shaken.

After answering all his question, what will happen to him?

When thinking about it, he almost go mad because of fear.

Halva can feel what is on his mind and tell him kindly.



“Don’t worry. If you answer our question properly, you will be spared.”

“Eh, is that…. true?”

“Isn’t that right. Onii-sama?”

“….. I think it is fine. Derito, I will let you together with Tiles to leave this labyrinth safely.”

“But, will you answer the question earnestly?”



Because of Halva Intimidating word, Derito nods his head many time like a fool.

Even though it is only a verbal promise, he is willing to cling on it.



“It is not that difficult. Tell us all about topography and the power of surrounding area that you know.”

“Y, yes”



There is a reason why Alrac and Halva need the information regarding surrounding area.

To create underground labyrinth, it is necessary to do it on specific place at night in the period of 10 years cycle, because the time till 10 years cycle till they founded this place almost approaching, they need to possess necessary tool and minimum of information.

What they know at most was that this place is a forest, near this place there is small mountain, there should be one city nearby when Ferian Kingdom still exist.

When they think this place as their base, it will be troublesome if there is no information avaliable.

In this sense Derito have the information they want.

When they attack the goblin village, they would need to gather enough information from surrounding area, so he should have no trouble to talk about it.



“First…., there should be a city north from here.”

“Yes, there is city called Bendole”

“How many people live there? and the soldier?”

“The population is about 10 thousand, as for the soldier…. there should be about 400 people. But, they will be able to gather militia and mercenary in case of emergency, and it will become increase to 3500 people. If they gather it from surrounding village, it might become more than 5000 people….”



It seems he have calmed down, he probably relieved knowing that his life will be spared, so the priest pull all the knowledge he know from his mind and answer it smoothly.

Bendole, it might be one of the small city in this world.

But, they have thousand of army, if they decide to attack the current labyrinth they will able to crush it, it seems like the danger was right under their nose.

We need to enlarge the labyrinth soon, Alrac take a note in his heart.



“Who was the person that attack the Goblin village?”

“The man name is Jarre. He was a knight from Bendole, he often lead an expedition to subdue goblin or thief.”

“In Bendole, there is also expeditionary force?”



Halva join the talk.

After reorganized the information in his mind, Derito answer.



“Yes, there is corps that defend the city when it was attacked, there is also a patrol corps that was guarding the road between the city.”

“Defense corps, Patrol corps, did you know the name of the person that leading it? or the rumor about it?”

“Defence corps was lead by old knight named Hyudo, the patrol corps captain was the second son of Bendole lord, Herekken. I didn’t know the rumor about the defense corps captain Hyudo. But, Herekken was famous as hated person. Under the pretense of temporally tax collection, I hear he often take the supply or woman from the villages.”

“I see….”

“By the way, Did you adventure often fight together with them?”

“No, it depend on the content of the request.”



Thinking about the request they accept this time, he can’t helped by cursing Tiles on his mind, but Derito didn’t show it on his face.


“Then next, tell me the topography and the threat from the surrounding area.”

“First, about marshland…., there is 5 marshland around here. there are 2 between this place and the city, there is not any particular dangerous creature. the remain 2 was located on the east from this place, and the other one was south from here. At the eastern marshland there was a place called [Quagmire Jaw] it was the inhabitant of huge crocodiles. They was able to swim on the swamp easily, it was said that they are very ferocious when they eat their prey. At the south, it was the home of pill bugs that was the size of cow called [Poisonous Meat Eating Insect]. Just like what their name suggest they also eat meat, that is why, usually peddler and traveller avoid them.”

[TL: For those who curious about Pill bug]



Hearing the answer, Halva seems to be disappointed and sigh.

For her elder brother Alrac to form a contract with the monster, he need to establish contract based on the negotiation between them, a Pill Bug and Crocodile willn’t be able to negotiate. If he want to include it on our fighting force, he need to control it with magic.

When people said that controlling the creature by magic is easy, they are an amature.

Certainly there is a lot of magic that can control the creature, like [Charm] or [Friendship] If you use such a magic you can easily take control of them, However, it will not last forever. We might be able to expect permanent effect if we use [Group Control] and [Brainwashing], But, because what we will be control is animal, If we didn’t order it to eat or excretion it will die in a week. The exception will be if we use [Complete Dominance] and [Everlasting Lover] but the compensation using such a magic is big, so it was a waste to do to control a crocodile and a pill bug.

In other world, it is a magic that was not suitable for master-servant relationship.

In particular for Alrac and Halva. When they need to prepare a large number of army, it will be very inconvenience.

But, the story was difference if it the monster was to be placed in a labyrinth.




“Goblin…., did you guys know the location of various monster village and barbarian tribe?”

“There is about 10-100 Goblin village out there. But, I don’t know about their location. If it is around marshland, there might be lizardman around, but I didn’t have the evidence about it. On the small hill in the west, there is human settlement on small mountain called Mt Dahl, I hear that is the homebase of small group of thief.”



Hearing the word ‘thief’, Halva eyes brightened.

She has extraordinary interest to those that were called evil and unjust.

To suppress his younger sister that want to say something, Alrac ask a different question.



“Is there any village around here? How many are they? and what is their scale?”

“E, er… there should at least 3 village around here. The scale should be around hundred people, there are hardly any human that can fight there.”

“Is that so”



Hearing what Halva and Alrac said, does this mean when the time comes, they will set their sight on the village and plunder their food?



“Is that enough?”

“En~, it is. Onii-sama”



The 2 judge the information on this degree should be enough for now.

Derito, and Tiles that was groaning because of pain wait for their next word.

Will they keep their promise or will they break it, their fate will be decide now.



“Then, lets….”


Before Alrac can said the next word, The sound ‘Chink’ of chain was heard on [King Space]

Hearing this sound, Derito face seems to become pale, and Tiles that always groaned give a miserable scream ’HIII’.



“Wait a moment…., Halva let him in”


Derito hear him telling Halva to open the door.

When the girl with raven-black hair nods to this word, the huge door open by itself.

Infront of the door, there was Azure Knight

It hold a chain in his hand like a bridle, at the end of the chain there is 6 woman that was crawling like a dog.






In respond of his master word, the Azure Knight enter the [King Space]

The woman that was tied to the chain begin to walk following the movement of the knight.

The sight look immoral or obscene.

Tiles wasn’t able to watch this scene because of his constant groaning. But, the two sibling that was seated on Emperor throne, Alrac seems to look expressionless, while Halva is having fun, Derito has surprised expression on his face, when he saw the figure of woman that was connected to Azure Knight by chain.

The Knight step forward a little bit from Derito, and give a bow.

[TL: I seriously have some weird B]



“I have finish the task according to your order”

“You did well. I’ll grant your wish and allowed you to serve as our subject”

“I’am very happy and thankful”

“The treatment will be the same like the knight. You will receive a reward depend on your merit in war.”

“By your will”



Listening to the deep voice that was lowered by several octaf come out from the knight helmet, him seems to be satisfied.


“Now, let’s continue our talk. Derito, as well as Tiles. Thank you for your cooperation. I will let you out from the labyrinth safely.”

“Jus, just a moment please!”



Derito cry out.

Halva saw Derito that was looking at Alrac expressionless face in wonder.



“What is it?”



Arlac asked.

The word was heavy and cold, but he seems intended to hear him out.

Derito take a deep breath and give a request to the master of the labyrinth.



“Releasing from the labyrinth…., Instead of us, Can I request it for them?”


His voice echoed louder that what he though in this big labyrinth.


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