Chapter 2: Where is the hunting ground?

MTLAnon here. Sorry for disappearing last week I just come back this Wednesday, since I was sent to another village with no internet at all because of some mistake of the coworker. The only access I get is when I go to Internet Cafe to sent a report. There should be another 2 chapter that I will release today but it is not a bandit. For now Enjoy.

I wear the mantel and boots that was taken from the enemy, when I hung the dagger into the my belt, it can’t be seen. Because there is no socks in this world, I cut enemy cloth and wrap it around my leg as a replacement of socks.

[TL: Apparently when the knights come to the hut they kill some of the enemy that was around it(this is what I think)]


After I am ready, I sat down at one corner of the table and a bisque cup like everyone else is place in front of me. what inside is wine, I take the cup and just take a sip on it. I didn’t drink that much before, after all I am still 20 years old.

[TL: Apparently the legal age to drink in japan is 20]


“First, will you tell us your name and hometown?”

“My name is, Yakurato…. no Yakuuto Bandai. My name is Yakuto and the family name is Bandai.  I’m from a country called japan. I think it’s a far away country from here”



“Yakuto,Banta? I have never hear a country called Japan either”

“If you have family name doesn’t that mean you are part of aristocrat?  It seems like every country has subordinate of low level noble. But If you are a noble shouldn’t you be able to use sword?”



“Unfortunately I was a student….I was told to walk this world by knowledge instead of sword”

“Even so, to participate on teleportation magic experiment is unthinkable”

“Thanks to that, we get our hands on a good talent don`t we? Then, Banta, how do you plan to start a bandit group?”



She really is a princess. even though her tone sound commanding, let’s forget it since we plan to have mutual understanding. So, I start explaining how to become a bandit.

Still, there really transfer magic in this world. Is it okay for them to think I appear because of the failure in the experimental failure? Banta is the nickname that my friends used to call me. Because I like this name I didn’t have any problem with it.



“First, it is important to dress like a bandit. Anyone who see us must know that we are a bandit.”



A teacher said that Japanese people looks like that

With axe and fur, and fat belly.

Instead of carrying the sword in the belt, they would carry it on their back.

they would threaten to steal the goods as much as possible before quickly disperse when the soldier arrive.



“If possible please use rural dialect, with rough tone as well. when talking with friends do so with loud voice.”

The young man who sat near the wall is taking a note of what I said.



“When we become a bandit a hiding place and a place where we operate is necessary. Something that damaging the territory will be mercilessly countered that is why we need a territory and a castle as our hideout. there is also a need to have a water path or secret path for escape.”



“Hoo… A castle and territory. Unexpectedly, there is something similar between bandit and a kingdom.”

“But, bandit is illegal. If you get caught you will be beheaded in the place”

“It doesn’t change that much from our present condition. If we get caught, getting tortured and burned alive is waiting for us. It seems being a bandit is much better”



If the situation isn’t getting worse then now.

then, it is much better to become a bandit.




“The problem is the people that we attack『It is not as long as it is good anyone is fine』you should bear it in your mind. We become a bandit isn’t the end of it.”

“It shouldn’t be existence that was feared by the people. Otherwise for example, when we restore the kingdom, when other country attack again they will be more then happy to welcome them”




“Our job now is to steal the goods from the invader army. After we complete that, we will aim for the goods that was moving between the kingdom.”

“Interesting. The transportation for slave will start in 1 month. We need to prepare early.”





“So, Our troops is……”

“24 people. It is consisted a little bit over 2 squad. that make it one platoon….”

“We are 8 people, including the nurse. all of us have the qualification as a mage.”




There is about 30 people in this group. It will become a good bandit group.

It’s make me want a name. We need a name where enemy will shiver just hearing about it.




“Where our bandit group need to start? Is it around the border with neighbour country?”

“It has a winding mountain path. It certainly sounds good”

“It is not good just to be anywhere. first of all….”




It is important for the hideout to be near the secured escape route. It is preferable the place where it was hard to deploy the troops. Otherwise, when it was surrounded by the kingdom army we will be annihilated.



“I see.., being a bandit isn’t that simple.”

“It looks there is a place that has similarity with what was mentioned. looking at present situation….”




Zairasu-san took rolled parchment from his chest. Since the parchment look flexible. is it a papyrus?

When he roll it open at the table, it is a big map.

Zairasu-san slide his finger on the map and stop near the the winding road on the map.




“About 200 years ago, there is a war because of the diplomatic failure. there should be remain of the watchtower around this vicinity. we might be able to use the watch tower if we station our unit there.”

“Fumu, with small amount of people assign as a lookout we can secure an escape route. It is the road that was connected to main road.”




It seems like an ideal place. But I didn’t know if there is water path though.



“As for the water path, there is a spring nearby. And…..”

His finger-tip move on the map again.

“There is formar village on our escape route. it is empty now though. It seems to be attacked by herd of wolf and the survived villager left the village.”




“For the people who escape from the kingdom to be able to live. It is enough. We’ll live as a Bandit!”

“For time being, even though it was called a bandit but in reality it is a chivalrous thief. So, I hope you guys didn’t misunderstood that.”

“That is right, you aren’t suppose to forget you are a chivalrous thief who plans is to restore the kingdom. As long as there is justice, even though we are claimed to be a bandit, we aren’t the same like a group of hoodlum. So, when are we gonna set out?”




“For tonight please rest first. I will direct several people to send food from nearby village.When they return we will not have trouble for food for a while. we will watch outside of the hut.”



after he say so and raised from his seat, the surrounding man also do the same. It seems like it is better to follow him. I also want to see what the outside world like.


When I follow behind them to go outside, It seems like the hut is located in the foot of the mountain. Because it isn’t a big hut, seems like it is hunter hut.

The mountain towering on the north is covered with white snow. Because the new leave on the surrounding tree still in light color, I wonder if it around the end of spring?

[TL: Don’t ask me why there is snow while it is the end of the spring, My job is only to TL and editing so it is easy to read MTL. I didn’t do the actual writing]



“Banta, this way!”

the man from short a while ago called me.

Several knight is surrounding the camp-fire when I look on the one that call me.

When I sit next to the one who call me, he easily introduce me to the surrounding knight. Apparently, they seems to recognize me as an ally.



“Then, when is this youth become our tactician?”

“This matter involved princess life. To become a Bandit it is necessary to have Banta knowledge.”



“Become a bandit?

The knight expression looks like saying ‘why we need to do that?’

“When I hear it for the first time I was surprised too. After listening to Banta, I become able to think our ideal future choice. It is not ordinary bandit but a villainous bandit. but that is only the surface. We are a chivalrous thief that will punish Madeniamu kingdom army that was tormenting the citizen.”



After the man talk like this, the expression of the man surrounding the camp-fire began to shine.

There is even a person that patting the shoulder of the people next to him..



“Well, isn’t that the same as Knight Principle! I just discuss with everyone which mountain we will hiding to, but to actually become a bandit….”

“Well, on the surface it was a bandit. but you shouldn’t forget that we are a knight. we will be view as a chivalrous thief in the eyes of the people.”



When I just sit near the camp-fire, they have sunken expression on them, but now they can talk to each other cheerfully. when there is no hope at all, will their expression change like this? I have to made this plan success by all means.



“We will depart to our hideout tomorrow morning. you should take a good rest now. If there is something that Banta want we will prepare it if it is possible.”

The man said so while raising from his seat. Because there is different camp-fire in slightly remote location, it seems like he will go there and explain it to them. A person standing on the top is serious in various ways



“BTW, Banta-kun. I haven’t seen your appearance around here, are you a knight?”

“I came from far-off country. I am not a knight but a student.”

“So advisor…. even though we may have fled from war we are saved from your words. the story that Zairasu-dono said just now, can you give us a full report about it Banta?”

“If we run deep into the mountain, then it isn’t possible to restore the kingdom….”



They hear my story with relish.

IF the knight have a sword, they will be able to fight, it will not change much from what they usually do.

When I said I can’t remember the name of all the member of the knight, they said it was enough for me if I can remember the name of squad leader Zairasu. Soon, I will be able to remember all of their name even if it take a while.



“If it is advisor, then your status probably will be equal with Zairasu-dono. We should add ‘dono’ but for Banta using ‘san’ is enough there is people in other country that looking down on the nobility as well.”

“ If you want attaching ‘san’ it is okay. Even though courtesy is important I am fine if you just call me Banta.”



The knights nod. Even though courtesy is important, but because everyone seems to be older then me, using my nickname Banta is fine.

When I am looking at camp-fire absentmindedly, the foot of mountain is slightly noisier.The surrounding knight stand up at once and unsheathed their sword.



“The 2nd squad has returned. Somehow, it seems they are able to obtain the food.”

Someone said with joyful voice.

The Knights that was surrounding the camp-fire have relieve expression. If you look around the expression of the man looks happy, is it possible that they haven’t had meal at all today?



Immediately a large pot was put on the top of camp-fire and they began to cook.

I don’t know what the taste will be like, but I don’t think I will get stomachache with the food that has been boiled and seasoned. I wonder if it is a stew?

The dinner was fun.

The brass spoon and plate. This seems to be the tableware of this world. the stew has salty taste on it and there is a lot.

The wine that was served at the brass cup has been diluted with water, it is just for the meal. I wouldn’t get drunk with this.



After the meal is over, I lie down.

It was warm when I wrap myself with the mantel because it was made of linen. Even though it is spring. it doesn’t seems to be cold since it is near the camp-fire.

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