Chapter 11.5 : Soldier Training

The Goblins that just born was grow up quickly.

They born after 10 day of pregnancy, and was able to walk after being born, in a couple of day they already can remember a few simple word, after a week they already treated as an adult.

Of course, there are many of them that die in this 1 week period. Being premature born, Nutritional insufficiency, or die because of in-fighting.

The child that was born in Underground Labyrinth was around 200 Goblin, the number that has reached adulthood was around 50.

Still, Purukku seems satisfied with this.

Because only around 10 that was able to survive before, when he think about it, 50 seems to be a lot.

That is why, the goblin that has reach adulthood now, was undergoing training under the instruction of warrior Jen.

“First of all, Think about getting a hit! Watch the movement of your partner well, and hit them quickly!”


The sound of wooden sword clash against each other was echoes in the room.

They are using one of the large room, for goblin to perform simulation war.

The main instructor was Jen together with Purukku as her aide.

“All Right, take a small break.”

After 1 hours has passed since they start training, Jen tell them to rest.

The goblin that just reach adulthood stretch their body and take a rest.

“How is it? Did you think they can be useful?”

“Aah, If they keep training seriously.”

“That part was the most difficult.”

Purukku say so while twitching his wrinkled face.

This time he has wry smile on his face.

Most of goblin was born with [laziness] Trait so they can’t seriously work on the matter on hand. They are the race that can’t make an effort to raise their strength steadily.

“I will not let them get the opportunity to slacking around while training them.”

While saying so, Jen has ferocious smile on her face.

Seeing that smile, Purukku remember the Ogre which had protected their village before.

Jen possess [Combat Training] skill even though her proficiency isn’t high, she was confidence that if the Goblins that just reach adulthood was trained to some degree, they will not be defeated by new recruit soldier. However, It is difficult to train them to become elite soldier.

“But, it isn’t only a simple fight. The master of labyrinth was thinking to put them into formation, the story will be different again if we try to make them as a legion….”

“Will you be able to do it?”

“Unfortunately, it was impossible for me.”

What Jen was doing now was to train them so they was able to fight one on one.

Alrac and Halva was thinking to produce army inside the labyrinth, so when they brought them outside, they will be able to move like an army and conquer the city. When it come to [Regiment Formation], [Unit Command], [Legion Command] and [Siege command] and other war skill, need a group battle skill.

Of course, Individual soldier was strong. but if a group of soldier was able to assemble into one proper formation clashed against a crumbling formation. If there is not much difference in their ability, the former will win no matter what.

Naturally Jen who was an adventure, doesn’t have any experience to command an army.

Speaking of Purukku that had lead 1000 Goblins before, he naturally didn’t have that skill. If he has such a skill. when his village was getting attacked, they should be able to resist more.

“Maa, just incase let’s talk about that later”

“We will be in your care!”

“By the way, the rest will over soon.”

“I understand! You guys! The rest is over! resume the pratice.”

Purukku possess [The Ruler of Goblin race] because of this effect, even though the Goblins that just reach adulthood complaining, they stood up immediately.

To improve the surviving rate at the battle that will commence soon, while looking at the Goblins Jen put her heart into training them.

When they first meet, the hatred and discomfort towards the Goblins disappear, she doesn’t care about it at all. And, Purukku has completely forgiven the past of adventure that has killed the goblin from the same tribe as them. Now he didn’t have any doubt toward himself that relies on this female warrior.

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