TWVUE Chapter 12 : The wicked and ruthless administrator

While looking at retreating adventure that invaded the labyrinth, Alrac murmur.


“Not bad”


The adventure withdraw with the sacrifice of their teammate that was being killed,

there was 3 kind of monster inside this labyrinth.

The Large Flies have the power to corrode iron.

The Paralysis Arachnoid have a powerful neurotoxin

and the Dreadful caterpillar can jump around in circle and bite the human head.

In normal situation the demon was hostile against each other, when they meet they will fight against each other. But when the intruder appears in labyrinth, they will cooperate with each other and fight against them. There are hardly any strong monster inside the labyrinth that is why blinded by their greed, they keep advancing into the depth of the labyrinth, there is no end of the number of adventure that advance forward and die.

Today, there is also several teams of adventure that come to this labyrinth, the number of life that was lost wasn’t little.

Some of the adventure was able to escape with the treasure in their hand, as compensation for the treasure that was taken away, many life was lost and their soul was devoured by the Labyrinth. Even though the treasure was stolen, it was small compensate for those adventure that survive.

While watching the picture that was projected by crystal ball, Halva laugh joyfully.

The figure of that pure innocent girl watching the corpse of adventurer that was bitten and devoured by the bug that was being projected by the crystal ball. Looking at this scene, Derito had slight frown on his face.

Right now, there is three people at [King Space]


“Un, it feels good, Onii-sama!”

“It seems like the monster that I place early on has give a stable result. If this condition continue, we will have enough magic power to strengthen the labyrinth in a few weeks.”



What a cheerful siblings, Derito that was standing near them warn them.


“Adventurers was a formidable existence. Please don’t be careless.”


He narrowed his light brown eyes that has the same color with his hair.

The fear toward this sibling has considerably faded. It was because human able to adapt in any kind of environment.

He just get accustomed with the master of the labyrinth.

They are young and pure.

But, they are hopelessly warped

Therefore, even though they appear easy to be controlled and guided, but in fact it was hard.

When they was going to annihilate the adventure that was being lured by the rumour, Derito stop them by saying ‘If you do that, than the rumour I sowed will become meaningless.’, and they stopped. Alrac was a reasonable person, convinced by the reason he said ‘that is right’, however Halva said ‘If they pull a prank on labyrinth wall, I will kill them’ she was someone that act according to her own feeling.

Eventually, the adventurers that was pulling prank on the labyrinth wall was torn and killed, after that Halva was able to calm down. During their discussion at that time, Derito was bathed by their killing intent that was seeped out from their body (Mainly from Halva).

Therefore, now he have some resistance when he was with them.

Perhaps their sense of what is right and what is wrong is different, it is like they are a walking disaster, is what Derito though.

But, at the same time that is what make him attracted to them.

Like how a person afraid of blazing flame, but was delighted because of it’s brightness and warm, Derito begin to be charmed by this two.




(Is this because of the corruption……)


Thinking so, Derito grasps on the saint seal that was hung on his chest.

But, the favorable impression toward the master of labyrinth doesn’t change at all.

The master of the labyrinth doesn’t seems to be aware what the priest think. but, Alrac nods slightly toward Derito warnings.



“That is right. When everything is going as a plan, carelessness we will become careless. After we buried the next wave of adventure, let’s increase the monster a little bit.”

“Ne, Onii-sama! what about the trap? I want to make a flashy one!!”

“I don’t mind. but, don’t make too much.”



When the master of Underground labyrinth talk about the labyrinth. Derito feel unpleasant so he usually leave them alone, Alrac seems to remember something and ask him.


“Derito, the woman that was staying with you. What happen to the task I assign to them?”

“Yes, Lorna was setting the trap at the place as you permitted. As for jen, the training for the Goblins was advancing as planned. If the training continue for a month, you will be able to use them as a soldier.”

“All right, Continue like what we planned then”

“It is wonderful we didn’t need to use magic power to do it. Onii-sama.”



Lorna was a thief, she was able to use [Trap Creation] skill, she was able create a trap and travel at the place where the trap was set up. According to the Master of Labyrinth sibling, it was advantage for them to be able to produce something without using magic. Similarity for Jen that has [Battle Training] skill, with this skill she was able to train this newborn goblin.

So far, Derito doesn’t seems to have a skill that was able to be used to reinforce the labyrinth. But he was granted the position of Advisor and was able to interject when Alrac talk. There is anxiety whatever he was being useful or not, but he doesn’t show it on his face or talk about it, he just plainly work hard on his duty.

But, according to Alrac and Halva, Derito was useful.

Basicly, they respect each other opinion, they rarely clash against each other (Even if they clash usually it was between Alrac and Halva), they was able to talk smoothly without having developing any ill intention until their discussion end. By listening to Derito opinion, he often arrive on the answer that he never think before.

And, because he feel it is useful, Alrac ask the anxiety priest that was keep thinking whatever he is useful or not.


“Is there something that you want?”




Because it is sudden, he let out a silly cry, Alrac continue to ask without minding it.


“Indeed, it will be difficult to return you back to ground now….. However, I will give you a reward according to your work. If there is anything you want, let me hear it.”


Even though the way he spoke was cold, Derito recently found out that it doesn’t have any evil intention. Alrac was honest and straightforward person, he feel it was natural to reward those that has devoted himself to him.

Because he thought it was rude to decline, he speak out the doubt that he have though for some time.



“Then, would it be alright for me to ask a question?”

“If I was able to answer, I will answer it.”



He smile and his blue eyes narrowed a little bit, Alrac was expecting a question from his partner.

Is it the way to handle a powerful magic? or is it the secret to produce money and valuable?, or perhaps it is the method to stop the body from aging? each of this was a top level secret, but he think he might be able to give him a little bit of hint. But, Derito question betray all his expectation, it was much simpler.



“Why, revenge?”


He step one step forward and ask.

When he become his subordinate, Derito was told by Alrac that all of this was retaliation to surrounding country that destroy Magic Empire.

All of it was for revenge.

When they told him, Alrac have a cold tone, while Halva was cheerful.

Derito, found this was strange.

The person that doesn’t take the life seriously was talking about revenge.

It seems like the revenge was only the appearance, he suspect even more terrible plot was being laid back, but there is no sign about it.

Everything they have done was all for revenge

Derito want to know, how it become like this.


“Derito……, is there anyone that was important to you? Parent,Sibling, friend…., or even a lover?”

“Th, there is.”

“Those are your answer.”

“All of it was taken away, Onii-sama!”



Alrac inform him coldly, while Halva speak about it happily.


“If, if that’s your answer! then!”


“Is it possible to change your thought !?”



He was angry because of what was important to them was being robbed, that was grief. If their heart was full of resentment , he was able to understood it

They should have understood the pain of being trampled and the pain of lose.

Even though this 2 people in front of me know that revenge is stupid, but they will still do a retaliation after retaliation. Knowing this, my mouth can’t help but say.



“The revenge will create another revenge.”

“That is right, because there is no justice.”

“That is why, it is evil.”

“That is why you should hate it, are you going to do like what your enemy do?”

“That is correct”

“That is why I need to be vicious.”



They don’t talk about justice.

They doesn’t say what he was doing was right either.

Even though it was a mistake, something they hate should be destroyed without mercy.



“As for the pain and sorrow, the time will heal it…. And, even if you success in your revenge, nothing will be left.”


Derito say dejectedly.

Even though his word doesn’t reach him, he think he must say it no matter what.



“It may be so if I was a Human.”

“But, we aren’t a Human anymore.”

“We have stop being a Human, when we become the avatar of this Labyrinth.”

“Would we who have become wicked and evil, destroy all the alliance country, Including the Saint Kingdom first.”


“Will we be conquered by them first.”



The sibling talk as if they are in synchronized.


““Until one of us fall, Our revenge will never end.””


With this word, Derito lower his head deeply.

It was impossible to persuade them.

At least, the voice of outsider like him will not reach them.



“….. I understood. Thank you for answering my question.”

“Maa, Derito. You aren’t necessary to keep us company you know.”

“When we amass enough power to some extent we will release you. After that you can do whatever you like. I recommend to escape from the Saint Kingdom and the place where it was ruled by the allied country though. Because this world was huge, you can freely choose a place to escape to.”



When Derito lowered his head, Alrac answer him coldly, while Halva continue to make fun of him.

The master of labyrinth doesn’t seems to be displeased at all.

While thinking in his heart that the master of labyrinth doesn’t concerned when he was speaking ill about them, Derito step down.



“Nnn? Seems like when we are talking some unusual group come in”


From innumerable crystal ball that was floating on the desk

One of it projected a group of Human that was different from adventure.


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