TWVUE Chapter 12.5 : The person that was in charge of Body collection

When the thief, Lorna finish setting trap on the Labyrinth, she happen to meet the goblins.

Because they was armed, they must be the Goblin Soldier.

There is 4 people.

All of them wear leather shield and armor with worn-out short spear. They seems to be walking while dragging something, when they come across Lorna, they stop and greet her.


“Yo, another person~?”



While calling the familiar goblin with cold eyes, they respond to Lorna.

I can just ignore them, but because it will be troublesome later on so I call over them.

Then, another Goblin pass a bottle of liquor over.


“It is the loot. Yaru!”


After receiving the liquor, just to be cautious, I am going to confirm whatever it is safe to drink or not.

After she use [Poison Detection] [Poison Resistance], Lorna open the lid, spill the content a little bit and lick it.

The result is, it is just an ordinary liquor.


“…… Thank you. But, why?”


The Goblins seems happy, after that, they point into the thing they dragged.

It is the corpse.

Is this the adventure who invade here? Perhaps after they bumped into the insect, they was killed cruelly without any dignity as a person. There is a member that was dissolved with acid, there is person face who was full of fear when they die, and there is also the body that had their head missing. Their dead varies, It was far from peaceful.

And, the Goblins laugh happily when they see this corpse.


“These are today food.”

“Because the children will be born soon, we need a lot of it”

“The man was tough, but it is still good.”



While hearing this words, Lorna drinks the Liquor to quench her thirst.

With the effect of [Poison Resistance] she will never get drunk. She doesn’t particularly like to drink, but, still the taste of liquor after long absent isn’t that bad.


“Are you in the middle of carrying it?”


For the female thief, the Goblins answer.


“Yes, we are in the middle of carrying it.”

“They are heavy.”

“Really heavy.”

“I’m tired!”


Saying so, the Goblins sit down.

Lorna said to them.


“Did you need help?”

“Ooo, We need!”

“En, We need it!”

“We really need it!”



Raising their hand, the Goblins hands over the ropes that was attached to wooden board that was used to carry the corpse.

The female thief regret it for a moment, maa, can’t be helped, she then pull the corpse away.


“We did it!”

“We did it! We did it!”

“It was easy victory.”


“….. You guys pull it too.”


When they notice the anger that was mixing in Lorna cold voice, the Goblins pull the ropes in hurry.

It was strange that she doesn’t had any unpleasant feeling when she talk to the Goblins, nor does she feel anything when she look at the corpse. Rather, she feel a little bit irritated that the corpse doesn’t die because of the trap she set up.

Lorna mutter alone when she see the corpse.




Hearing her word, the Goblins agree it quickly.

As for Goblins, the anger and hate for her also disappear.

all of them feel the same strangeness while they drag the body of adventurers while heading toward the Goblins settlement.


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