Chapter 9 : Creator Of The Labyrinth

After repelling the intruder, Halva was working restlessly.

She was building a room as the order from his Elder brother.

In addition of basic labyrinth creation skill like [Creating Circuit] [Creating small room] [Creating Large room], Application room like [Trap Creation] [Special room Creation] was also being used to expand Underground Labyrinth.

Currently, there is more than 200 big or small passage at Underground Labyrinth, 84 small room, in addition of 27 Large room and the room from when the labyrinth was first created. This amount isn’t that big deal.


Because it doesn’t cost anything, it was created as much as her brother want.

Because Arlac didn’t have Labyrinth Creation skill, it wasn’t possible to help, so basicly it was left to Halva to handle.



In other word, the interior of the labyrinth was entire according to her taste.


But, some of it was ordered by her elder brother.

Presently, there is only 1 way to reach the ground, it was because the skill to make [Entrance], [Underground Labyrinth Entrance Creation] was disable. It was  because currently, there isn’t enough war power that can be divided to protect 2 entrance or more. Afterward, she was told to create several special rooms. Moreover, she was told to set the traps, up to 50 at max but, the rank of the trap would be on the lowest side, only low ranked trap was allowed to be created. Naturally, a great deal of magic was needed to create a trap room and special room even for Inferior room outside of Labyrinth, that is why it was prohibited.



However, in this labyrinth where many Human will visit, If they continue to save their magic power, in not distant future they might be able to make a room outside of the labyrinth.


For now, they just finish set up the trap.

It’s only disposable type of trap which was used as a warn them of enemy invasion and to restrict their movement. The trap was set in various part of labyrinth so this was used to annoy the intruder, that is there are no deadly trap here. The most fearsome one was only to entrap them inside the room by blocking their exit door when they close the door while searching the room. However, a thief like Lorna will be able to find their way out immediately, if they keep the door open, they didn’t need to worry about getting caught up.

Halva isn’t interested in such inferior trap, after finished setting all of it properly, she was wondering what kind of room she will make next.



“Now, what kind of room should I make~”

While playing with her long raven-black hair that reach her feet, she has evil smile plastered on her face.


“Did you have any request?”


The person she ask was a goblin.

The head of Goblin, Purukku was called by her elder brother, so he wasn’t here.

They are here as the escort for Halva by the order of their head. Of course, Halva didn’t need an escort such as Goblin. Rather, they was a drag.

But, It was wasteful for his elder brother to leave his post, so she receive order to show them the labyrinth, Halva wasn’t able to decline it either.

And, After sometime has passed, Halva that can’t continue walking in silent start to talk.

Even though 4 of the goblin was shivering because of fright, one of them still answer the girl question.



“Whatever Halva-sama please….”


*thump*, he was hitted lightly.

The one who hit him was Halva. While smiling, she said to the Goblins.



“Are you that troubled to answer? than, what is your answer?”


“Hey Hey, don’t be frightened~”



Without her knowing, her killing intent was seeped out of her body, to calm the frightened goblin, Halva Sigh with ‘Haaah’ and said.


“I will not kill or bully you. It will be good if you can just answer my question properly.”

“A, ano~”

“ N? what is it?

“To begin with, what is special room?”

[TL: Ano is equivalent with excuse me in english]



The goblin that was different with the first goblin that answered her question before, asked.

This was reasonable question.

Halva explained it plainly.



“It was a room that was maintained by magic power. It will increase the power of existence that was residing in the labyrinth, the special room will be able to restore a person’s life force similar to secret room, where magic weapon and armor was able to be stored inside a book, that is special room.”

“I, I see. Then, what room can Halva-sama create?”


[TL: I am not really sure with the explanation about explanation of special room, I will go back to it when I ask other translator about it.]


Hearing Goblin question, Halva smile and answered.


“I can build anything~”

((((That isn’t an answer!))))



The Goblin tsukkomi it on their heart

But they didn’t even have an inch of courage to say that out loud.

Her appearance look like normal Human girl, But when you look closely.

She look fearsome.

She looks like a Dragon that was in form of Human.

If possible, they didn’t want to speak.

The thought about ignoring it make them want to cry. without understanding the hearth of this weakling, Halva continue to urge the Goblin to give a recommendation.



“After all, is it important to train the body? 7 out of 10 people might die, But, if we train the remain 3 person, I wonder if they will become Elite Soldier? That reminds me, amongst you is there any that was born with the talent of magic? It might be good to learn a spell that was stored at the library. But most of the people that try to learn it get destroyed by the spell and become a cripple though….. Ah, it also was hard to throw away the weapon that contain fearsome curse on it~”


While playing with her beautiful raven like black hair that was reaching her feet. The girl seems to talk for a long time like a fish in a water.

Of course, the goblin can’t understand most of what she say. However, they pretend to be interested on the outside, even though they are sleepy because they didn’t understand what she was saying, but, they still make a serious face and pretend to hear her talk.



“….. Therefore, I don’t think it is bad idea for jail and torture room. well, there is other thing like food storage.”

“I think food storage is good!”

“Food storage only!”

“Food storage please!”

“Food storage!!”



The moment the talk go toward food storage, The Goblin jump out and join the talk.

For an instant, Halva have surprised look on her face, but suddenly it change into a proud smile.



“Then, let’s build the food storages~”


For Halva, the Goblins and Derito was akin to pet.

As an owner, A meal and something to pass their time need to be prepared, she activated the skill [Special room creation] [Food storage].

When she use the skill that only the master of the labyrinth can use, Halva was filled with strange sensation of satisfaction, at the same time, part of Underground Labyrinth start to change.

In the blink of eyes the room that was already created has changed completely.

There aren’t anything change in it size

But the room seems can fit dozen of people and more, a pillar which was beamed with green light as if they are made of emerald was formed in the middle section of the room that have nothing until now. A picture of beautiful spirit was drawn on it surface, that seems to promise an abundant harvest.

The central pillar seems to reflect the form of spirit, that seems to be confined inside the emerald.

The leather bag where the wheat can be stored inside, Large pan for soup, The jar to store honey, and other storage equipment that seems necessary was overflowing.




“Oh, Such a place!”



“Look for it!”




Halva become full of herself.

The Goblin immediately enter the mysterious room that was appear in front of them, and begin to look for food at once.




“Halva-sama! the cointain of the bag is empty!”

“The pan too!”

“The jar too!”

“There is nothing!”



The Goblins knowing there is no food were grieving on this room that only have grand appearance.


“Well here is, the storage room. If you didn’t put any food inside of course there will be nothing on it”

“So, it can’t be created using magic~!”

“Ahaha, Stupid, Stupid!”



Looking at the Goblins face Halva laugh happily, it was fun looking at the crying face of the Goblins that was ignorant about magic.


“The Creation system spell consumed a lot of magic power than what you can think, rather than using a magic to prepare a meal, It is much better to create an Artificial Human or Devil Beast!”


“Ma…, To explain it plainly, Because I can’t waste a magical power at this moment, It was impossible to create a food”



With this word, the Goblins was disappointed.

However, Halva said ‘don’t be sad’ and tell them the advantage of this room kindly.



“This room just like what it’s name said, it was a food storage, but, all sort of food will not rot here, and the food freshness can be keep just like when it enter the room.”

“Eh, erm, in other words, what did you mean?”

“The bread and fruit will not be spoiled just like the time was stopped in the state before its enter the room. Even if the food was cooked 100 years ago, when you put it here, you can still eat it.”




To the Goblins that still didn’t understand how wonderful this room is, Halva admonishing them kindly.


“Let’s talk about something, did you guys ever hunt a big game?”

“We Have”

“Then, after you finish cook it and eat it till your stomach was full. However, there is still a meat that was still remain. What would you do?”

“I can’t do anything about it, it will rot…. Ah!”

“Did you notice it?”

“The rest should be put on this room!”

“That is right, When you couldn’t hunt a game, it could be taken out from this room. Store it at this place, and when you want it, it can be taken out from here”



The color of Goblins eyes change.

If the story was true, the number of their comrade that was dying because of starvation will fall sharply.


“Did you understand how wonderful it is?”


“Maa, I will create a plantation where you can gather food ingredient and the kitchen where the food can be cooked next.”



Even though she grumbling how troublesome it is, hearing her word the Goblin’s eyes brightened.

Looking at them, Halva has wicked smile on her face.



“Well~, Did you guys do your work properly?”


“Don’t misunderstand, failure isn’t permitted, If you are ordered to die, you will do so while smiling.”


“If you are able to tell the reason why you fail and able to link it to the next time then I will permitted, If you are able to show me a good plan than what was ordered I will adopt it”



Her beautiful blue eyes was looking at the Goblins.

Though it seems like a gentle words, the feeling of fear was penetrated into the goblin heart.



“However. All of you must be loyal to us, I will not permit a lie, I will not permit laziness, and I didn’t permit any illicit sex.”

“Y, Yes!”

“Because onii-sama was gentle, He might permit it…. However! I will not permit it. Never!!”


[TL: there goes my hope for harem…. Arlac you are my last hope!]



Was that anger they sense on her last word? the Goblins was close to tears and prostate their head against the ground. they are praying desperately that she will not pointed her anger at them.

Looking at the Goblins that have dropped to the ground with cold eyes, she lightly sigh with ‘Haah’, and speak with bright voice.



“Ahahaa, Don’t be afraid. Ah, it hurt~”

“….. Ye,yes”

[TL: the hurt is because of laughing]



To the goblin that was still shivering, Halva tell them to return today and take a rest.

Originally they didn’t need to stick together, so there will be no problem.



“See ya”


Saying so, when she was going to cast a transferring spell, the Goblin stop trembling and said.


“Jus, Just a moment please”

“yes, we will go together.”

“Because we are the guard….”

“Pro, Protect!”



Looking on the Goblins, Halva have blank face for a moment, and then smile innocently.


“Who is the guard…., maa, alright. I will receive your sincerity.”


Saying so, while Halva was humming, they advance to another labyrinth room.

While the goblin was standing behind her timidly, but, they still walking so they will not lose the sight of her.

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