Chapter 2 : Kuu

“Rick. Please gather some people, take the reminded dried meat, and heavy winter clothes which we made previously to exchange it for salt, and bring it to my workshop outside of the village.”


I tell my childhood friend to take the leftover of wild boar that wasn’t used after they made use it to make dried meat like bone and back fat, and winter clothes, to Firefox outside of the village.


Because the Firefox left the village hurriedly, I think they must be anxious, some hair at the end of their tail looks bristle up.

I walk silently to my destination.


“Here will be your house from today onward. I am sorry that all of you will have to live together because I can’t afford to prepare individual house for you.

If you didn’t like it, even though I didn’t recommend it, I can ask other elves If they didn’t have problem to share a room with you. It is possible to arrange several people to be able to live in a village. what did you want to do?”

“It is better to live here with everyone.”

“It was good”


When I lead them to my studio in the outskirt of the village, The Firefox group make a round eyes and looked up.

Because the construction technology isn’t that advance in Elf village and Firefox village. It is just tree and house make from stone and soil. In addition to being made by brick, my studio that was 30mX30m seems to be a shocking sight to them.

The size is also perfect too.

there is room for 45 people to share in a room of 1k. it is possible for 50 people to live there.

[TL: 1k = 1 room with kitchen]


“You must never enter neighbor building. Because there is a lot of dangerous thing there”


It was two workshop that was build side by side.

The building was recently finished to store the equipment from the defeated 500 soldiers, and various stuff that I produce, so I add a new studio because the previous one become crowded.


The 2nd workshop was build as reflection from the first one,I build it so I can live inside it in mind, but since it will take a week till the place was ready to be used I give up on it.


“Ano, Syril, did you really didn’t use this place? It is the first time I saw such a splendid building.”


Kuu asked nervously.


“Of course. Actually I want to prepare a place at the village. But, If I do it like this then the Elf and Firefox will become mentally tired now wouldn’t they? To some extent after, until the relationship between Elf and Firefox improve and they become a friends, I want you people to live here.”

[TL: What he means is that they will keep bickering and hostile against each other so their mentality will become strained.]


Firefox has custom and rule of Firefox, Elves are the same too.

Various problem will spout out when I put all of this people in the village suddenly.

For time being, while keeping their distance physically, I will assign appropriate work to Firefox group. when they show remarkably result and appeal it to the elves they will be able to see the usefulness of Firefox.

After doing so, I want to improve the relationship between them slowly.


“Syril, what on earth Elf vil…. Erushie? how is it possible to make something like this? By any chance, is there a support from Korine kingdom? did you get their support?”


Kuu put some expectation on her voice.

Her guess is reasonable. This brick house, the glass with high purity, it was impossible to make this with the current technology the elf had.

In that case, the only possibility is that Korine Kingdom provide it.


If Elf receive help from Korine kingdom, It will increase their safety. I think Kuu is thinking like that.


“Unfortunately, there is no connection between us and Korine kingdom, there is even no relationship with Commercial city of Elis. I made all of this with magic”

“Is that so…. Nevertheless, Thank you. Syril, we really appreciate what you did.”


Kuu bow her head respectfully.

She doesn’t believe it, but thinking that I have my own reason, she didn’t pursue it any future because it will spoil the mood.


There doesn’t seems like any uninhibited like in the old days, Does she acting reserved like this because of her position?

Although, if she was stupid enough to act overly friendly just because they were ‘friends’, then she wouldn’t have been able to become the representative even if she was the chief’s daughter


“ I am happy that you like it. I am sure everyone have a lot of baggage to sort off so you can first enter the house and do that….. is what I want to say at first, but honestly since I think everyone feels dirty and smelly there is a well beside the house why don’t you girls wash first?”


I point where the well was located.

the well have roof and wall that was made using brick.

I often spend a lot of time on my workshop, So I made the well next to my workshop.

I didn’t intentionally build a roof and the wall for the well. But, since there is metal pump build on it, while considering it will be exposed to rain so I build it.


When I am in the form of elf I can just use a water magic to draw the water, but when I turn into Kuiro the dwarf it will become inconvenient.


“you use it like this, when you pump the metal handle, the water will flow out”


What was installed is hand pump. Water is drawn up using atmospheric pressure when you pump the steering wheel with human power, the water will enter the cylinder, and the arrangement will pump it out.

And the water will poured inside the tub.


“I will enter the house first and prepare the meal, so you can enter when you finish taking a bath and wash your cloth. Because it will be troublesome to clean it if you enter it right now, so it is much better when you people finish clean up first before enter the house don’t you girls agree?”

“thank you, everyone from Firefox tribe express our gratitude from the depths of our heart”


It is not only kuu this time, all the Firefox group lower their head simultaneously .

As they pass the mountain and forest, because of dirt and sweat their cloth become dirty, and they are in horrible state.


If they are in such a state they can’t relax.

Their facial expression looks dull, there is also the fatigue in both body and mind, in this horrible state of body it will influence their action.

Anyways since it will take time to prepare the meal, I want them to use the well at that time.


“the door is open now, since the building with well also has door on it, when you close the door no one will be able to see inside, so be relieved. But if you need me for anything just call out.”


While saying so, I began to walk to the workshop ignoring Firefox group that still have their head lowered.




Kuu stopped me.


“What’s wrong?”

“Although there is only a few, please use this. We will help when we finish cleaned up.”


When she say so, From the bag that was carried on her back, there is a lump of rock salt, dried meat, there is also a cheese.


“Because I want to preserve the thing, I only need rock salt. Please leave today dish to me. Everyone of Firefox tribe is tired, Because I can only make something simple, I don’t need help.”


“yes, so, take your time cleaned up without minding it.”

“I see. But, I will come back immediately and help you”


After she said that, Kuu ran toward the well.

It seems like she will come back immediately.



When I am going to enter the workshop that I will give to Firefox group, Lucie suddenly appear.

It seems like she hiding behind the workshop shade.


“What’s wrong? why Firefox people come?”

“Lucie, Didn’t you return to village?”

“I intent to go, but when I see Syril taking a Firefox group, I came back. Because it is hard to call you, so I followed behind.”


Lucie said it while feeling embarrassment.

As expected of Elf that was natural born hunter, they seems to be good in hiding their presence. I didn’t notice it at all.


“They run away because the village of Firefox is destroyed by the Empire. I have various thing to discuss, but because they are tired and hungry, I am gonna prepare the meal for them first.

Lucie, I feel bad, but can you harvest about 10 potato? I willn’t use it to cook lunch but I will need it for dinner.

The potato that the two of us grow it with so much effort, I am sorry to treat it to Firefox group first before the Elf”


I lower my head to Lucie.

Lucie, working hard desperately to grow the potato for Elf. There is sense of guilt using the fruits of her hard work for Firefox group without permission.


“Hey, Syril. did you intent to accept everyone of Firefox tribe that was escape to Erushie?”


Lucie seems to be angry, but her tone seems normal.


“It is my intention. I will not abandon the girl and welcome them to Erushie.”

“Alright, then it is good. I will fetch them immediately”

“Are you not angry?”

“Un, I work hard for everybody of Erushie. Syril, you have decided to accept Firefox as the people of Erushie. So if people of Erushie is happy, I am glad too.”





Unable to endure it, I hug Lucie tightly.


“U…. Er…., Syril”


Lucie is panicked and blushing.


“I love you”


When I say so Lucie smile wryly and relaxed.


“Me too, I like Syril. Hey, I think you should go back, you don’t want to make Firefox hungry right.”


Even though I reluctant to let go, I open my arms.

Because she feel embarrassment, Lucie was gone to harvest potato in hurry.


“Now, I was able to charge up, I should do my best”


As I said so I pour the water from the jar that was drew up in the morning to Zundou, and started the fire in the furnace that was made from stone.

[TL: okay this really take me back I pondering what is Zundou for 2-3 days and try to google it and then I found this Zundou]


When the charcoal that was put beneath the furnace become bright red, the baggage from the village arrive.

First, Is the remain of wild boar after it was used to make dried meat.

The skin is used to make winter coat, the meat used to make dried meat, the meat that was stuck on the bone was never removed, Because it was impossible to be used to make dried meat so there is a considerable amount left.

Therefore there is still a lot of back fat remain. It is a lump of fat that can’t been eaten directly.

But it can be eaten after you process it, so the meat around the bone will be for lunch and the back fat will be used for dinner.


I pour the water into the Zundou, there is about 60cm depth, it is perfect size for business use since it can hold till 100 liter of water. It was a wonderful item that was using a large quantities of precious iron to made it.


“The water have been boiled. now to put the bone inside”


I take out Chinese kitchen knife that was made from precious iron.

Of course I use my authority and all the technology I have to make this. I work on the material first. I made the best quality alloy from the material on hand, I coat in layer after layer till it reach 30 layers….. this is like how you make Damascus. If I sell the sword that has the same processing as this knife, even If this world is poor it can still be traded with one house.


Using the back of kitchen knife, I boldly break the bone of the wild boar.

Chinese kitchen knife can be used for all purpose. most of the knife will break if you use the back of the knife to strike thing using your weight. Because the root of the knife was made thicker than the rest of it meat and skin can be cut immediately when you put your weight on it. and as you go to the tip, it become thin sharp, so even using a little bit of effort is possible to cut it.


“I have looked at various world kitchen utilities, there is no all purpose knife like chinese kitchen knife”

[TL:oh god not another satou please!]


I put the bone that has been broken into many size into the pot, I throw the bone that has a lot of meat sticking in it to boiling pot, it become crowded.

The volume of water that was only half now become ⅔.

Because I put in all the bone that has meat inside, I cleaned the remain bone. I crush the rock salt with Chinese kitchen knife and put it inside the Zundou.


After I add edible wild plant and mushroom from my workshop, I close the lid and start the magic.




I control the wind mana and raise the air pressure inside Zundou.

In this way the ordinary Zundou become pressure cooker. I thought about making pressure cooker at the beginning, But because it was inconvenient so I stop.


While I am doing this, several Firefox people come back after cleaning their body and cloth.

Their check was flushed and there is steam rising up from their body. they have lifeless eyes just a moment ago, but now I can see some of the life returned inside their eyes. still.. their appearance is also important.


The Firefox are good at fire magic, they change the water they use to wash their body into hot water. Recently the temperature is dropping considerably, the temperature even reach one digit. the sense will be numb because of that.


When I wash using warm water, even my heart become at ease.

As for the cloth, Because I use fire magic to dry it after washing, it become clean.


“Syril, I will help”


Among the Firefox, Kuu was one of the people that rush back first.


“I didn’t really need help when I am in the middle of stewing. Does everyone on Firefox has bowl? Because I am making a soup but the tableware isn’t enough.”

“there is no bowl, but we do have cup”

“Well, then, can you have everyone to take out their own cup?”

“Yes, I understand!”


Kuu went to her friend.

While watching, I feel the dish is ready so I open the lid.

Then, the attractive fragrance of wild boar spread over the room.

When I feel the gazing eyes in my back and turned around, I see Firefox group was drooling. I even hear the sound of their stomach growling.


They haven’t be able to have decent meal, So I think the warm soup will be very attractive to them.


“How is it the finished soup”


I scoop the bone that have meat that was stuck on the bottom using a ladle and I pat it using kitchen knife.

Then, the meat come loose and fall without resistance. it is possible to cook a good stew using pressure cooker, the meat around the bone will come off cleanly just right know.

I repeat this work. Since the bone will not be able to fit Firefox cup, I stroke the surface with knife and the meat dropped back to the pot.

Because most of the work is over, the ingredient seems to floating on the surface and look cooked, the stirred soup is finished.




When I turn around to call the Firefox group that the dish is complete, I am surprised because there is Firefox nearer than I though.

Everyone eyes is glittering when they saw the finished soup. Because it smell good it can’t be helped when they become interested with it.


“Everyone, um…., because the soup is done, please stand in one line. I will pour it on the cup you brought.”


When I say so, they frantically take out the cup from their luggage and strive to be first to stand on the line.

they lined properly, it was because Kuu that control them properly.



“Okay, here you go”

“Thank you, Elf oniichan”[tl:I can’t find a better word to put it so i just use onichan for now. the elder brother elf sound kinda….]

“you are welcome, because it is hot please be careful.”


I stand in front of the pot and pour the soup to each one of their bowl. I receive the cup from the young girl of the Firefox and pour the soup on it.

I handed back the cup that was filled with soup carefully.

When I smile, the young Firefox girl return the smile. there is some admiration and worship mixed in the girl eyes.


If I want to said it frankly, after seeing that, I feel like pouring three more ladle for her.

But, I will not do that though.

[TL: Is this the power of Loli?]


Because I want them to recognize I am a good person at this place.

The Firefox group before they arrive at this workshop their whole body is dirty and covered in sweat. they are freezing and hungry.

Meanwhile, I give them the opportunity to wash their body and cloth with clean water, excellent place to live, and I prepared and handed a warm food for them, they will seem me like I am a god.

[TL:How Syril looks like]



As for the concerned people, the gratitude when being rescued become big.

Surely, the Firefox people will not forget the taste of this soup in their entire life.

When I do it this way, they will be able to endure most of thing.

the soup that was distributed to the Firefox was gone in the few minute.


“Delicious, It is so good.”

“yup, It is delicious.”

“This warm delicious meal, it really have been long time”

“We are still alive. Alive….”


Everyone is absorbed drinking their soup.

It was made with material that was laying around, Because I stew the bone of wild boar with pressure cooker, the soup stock seems to be mixed well. It contains the most delicious meat around the bone after all, It was considered a feast. I taste it a little bit and consider it a quite good.


From Firefox group, a sobbing voice can be heard.

Everyone start to crumble and began to shed tear.

Their village, their family and friend that has been separated, and even their lover.


After their body is clean, and ate the warm food, their thread of tension is being cut.

They escape from their village and traveled a harsh journey, until now they did have time to shed tear and to grieve.

When they finally regain their power, they finally cry.

Before when they are having a hard time, they didn’t even have time to grieve.


“Everyone, Because it is alright now. Let’s begin a new live here. This is also for everyone who fought for you.”


Meanwhile, Kuu is going around encourages everyone of Firefox tribe.

She was smiling when everybody shed a tear, she lent her chest to comfort and listening to complaint.

When I see it, she doesn’t even touch her soup yet. she doesn’t have time to eat while desperately working for everyone of Firefox tribe.

One of the girl, jump into her chest and cry [Kuu onee-sama] while she pat the girl head.


The expression of Kuu when around them isn’t one of sorrow but one of gentle smile like a holy mother.

I can’t bear to see it.

I prepare the big bowl that was at my workshop and pour the newly soup inside, then I open my mouth and speak slowly.


“Everyone, because there is still a lot of soup left, please help yourself freely. Until this pot become empty.”


When I say so, the Firefox jumped vigorously with their emptiest cup.

Of course, as for the girl that cries at Kuu chest till just a while ago is also one of them.

It is considerably self-interested, but such is life.


“Kuu, Please come with me to the the next door building, I want to talk with Kuu as representative of Firefox tribe.”

“Certainly. Syril”


While saying so, Kuu stand up empty handed.

She should be hungry, but she didn’t shown reluctance with untouched soup.

I smile wryly when I see Kuu like this.


“Well then, let’s go”


I brought Kuu, and moved to workshop next door that was filled with equipment of Empire soldier.



“Well then, Please eat the soup first”


I hand Kuu a bowl of the soup that I have prepared beforehand before telling Firefox group to help themselves for another helping.


“Huh? Syril, why on earth are you….”

“I willn’t talk if you didn’t eat first”

“But, I have my own share”

“I am certain this is Kuu share, because I am the one who server it. that is why I made something delicious but because you didn’t touch it yet, it become cold. The soup that has been cold down will not taste as good, when I thought about it my pride hurt, so please eat it while it is still warm. So the thing that I want to ask you. do you hate it?


When she hear it, Kuu shake her head in denial, then when I make an expression like I am laughing tearfully. she said ‘I haven’t change’ in a low voice and start to sip the soup to her mouth.

When she have her first sip, her eyes changed and start to shove the soup with great vigour.

The bowl is different from cup, it can pour more soup. So Kuu drunk the entire soup in two big gulp.


“Phew, it was delicious. It is the first time I have such a delicious soup. the meat is particularly tender,somehow, I feel like I have tasted the food after a long time of abstinence.”

“It was worth cooking it if you say so. Then,Kuu. Before talking as the head of the tribe, I want to talk as friend even if it is only a little bit”


She paused her speech. she slightly embarrassed and have been at loss of word.


“It was good that Kuu is alive.”


Even if I am embarrassed, I want to convey it by all means.

I speak and smile from the bottom of my heart.

Unlike the smile I use when I serve the soup, It is a natural smile that was pleased because of friend safety.


“I think that Kuu is really great, It is sad that Kuu father and the people of Firefox died. However, Being able to meet Kuu again, I am really glad”

“Sy, Syril”

“Kuu, I am speaking as friend now. There is only us here. I didn’t like it when you use formal word”

“But, I, as the head of the tribe, and Syril was the Elf that was the head of Erushie”


Kuu voice was shaken.

She surely is the same like the Firefox before drinking the soup, there is not even a room to grieve.

Shoulder such big pressure, It will take time to fill the gap. I want to be a help.


“I am still a friend. It is hard for me to see the present Kuu overworked. Kuu which I know, is obedient and wonderful girl.”

“Syril,I,no…., Syril, If you say such a thing, I can’t stand it anymore” [TL: this sentence is where Kuu start calling Syril name from formal to informal so she is using san at first and then change it to kun]

“It’s okay. I know that Kuu is a crybaby. There is no need to put an act now. If you like, should I put the frog back? Then maybe your stubbornness may be disappear.”

“If you say such a thing, Even if I am a mischievous and cheeky kid, Syril will be aware.”

“I like your mischief and your cheekiness even now.”


After hearing my word, Kuu has good old smile on her teary crumpled face.


“The truth is, I didn’t really change in anyways. But, the Syril I know, have a feeling of gentle and become more adult”

“I grow up in 5 years. Kuu also become more respectable. If it is Kuu whom is crybaby like I know, I think she will ran away from long time ago. Until now you have endure it all the time didn’t you? I said it a little while ago, there is no anyone from Firefox group. It is only a friend of mine. So, you can take a little bit of rest”


Kuu is only 14. and yet, she become a leader and pull everyone up.

After coming here, she also have a sadness on her face, but she doesn’t show a pained face. Even though she is on the age where she need to be pampered by somebody, but she fulfill a responsibility to shoulder other Firefox pain and grieve.


Until she came to Erushie, she must be having a hard time encouraging her friend. Even when she was shouted by Roreru, in her heart she also feel frightened. Even negotiation with me because of her sense of responsibility must have crushed her.


Still, Kuu fought without escaping.

I respect Kuu because of this.


“Un, I have persistent until now.”


Kuu presses her head against my chest.

[TL:This scene should have where the first wife coming in and caught a cheated husband]


“Because I am a leader of my tribe, I can’t complain to anybody. I was full of anxiety, When in the forest, I keep saying it is alright. It will be alright if we arrive at the village of elf. I said so many time to keep down the anxiety myself to come here, when Roreru almost sent all of us away, Everyone of Firefox tribe was scared.

It is me who brought them to this village, it will make me looks like a liar.

I don’t know where we may go next either, my head is in the mess, I didn’t even know if everyone have any hope left”


Surely, when she come from Firefox village to here, Firefox people heart almost broken so many times. Still, they keep enduring, because there is a hope to be saved if they come to Erushie. ……That is because there is Kuu that continue letting you believe there is hope.


“When I thought it was useless, Syril come and protect me, I nearly cried. At that time, I, in an instant was about to leave everything to Syril. Without negotiating, I only want to ask you to help and I nearly beg for it.”

“But, Kuu didn’t do so. If you do that, it will not be possible to accept Firefox group. Because Kuu proved the value of Firefox, now you could stay in this village. It is only because of Kuu you people made a place here. Therefore you should be proud.”


It is not a lie.

I think Kuu as a friend. I know Firefox was an useful tribe.

But still, to ask for protection one sidedly, there will be no room to spare at Erushie to accept people that was acting spoiled like a baby. What can one do for Erushie? I accept them because I am considering them as a partner.


“this is strange. I am cheered by my negotiation partner”

“Now is the time as a friends. When it is time as the leader of your tribe, I will be strict.”

“I can’t changed so easily like that”

“Kuu you can do it. I will be gentle, so Be at ease”

“you seems to be gentle but strict on the same time”


While saying so, Kuu wiped her eyes.


“Thank you. I am alright now. The talk as friend is ending now. From now on it is talk between the head of each tribe. Syril”


Kuu said so in formal tone.

As a leader of Firefox tribe, there will be a distinction when speaking with the head of Erushie.


“ah,yes like this. there is something I want to hear. why Kuu and Firefox go to Erushie? Did you know we already escape from the rule of Empire? and another one. With this number of Firefox people, why there is no men as a guard for this group as an assurance to sacrifice themselves when something happen. Not to mention there is also Kuu as the daughter of village chief is here too”


I said the cruel word out.

But it is necessary to hear it.

There is so many action of the Firefox that was unnatural.


The Elf only recently been able to escape from the Empire control, Even though they should known that Elf village was under the Empire rule, why are they coming to this village?


It can be understood if they set the woman free. But, why there is no bodyguard to made a minimum protection?


And the number of the people is too little. The village of Firefox should be rich from exchanging rock salt. they should have at least 400 population. But there is only 50 people even if they let only the woman go it is too few.


I arrive in conclusion, that is, Firefox people is scattering the risk.

When they come to Erushie, it is as insurance for emergency, It is to prevent their race being cut off when the likely chance for safety is failed.

So, they didn’t place any bodyguard on them and the number of people is also small.


“Is it a insurance of sacrifice piece….or…. is it something that was terrible that you can’t speak of it. But, If I hit’s the mark. then, please speak. I want to hear the event of Firefox village”


Without denying my guess, Kuu breath a deep sigh.

And, Kuu begin to talk slowly.