Chapter 14 : Bandit Group [Rotten wolf] – 1

A scream reverberated inside the Underground Labyrinth.

When you hear it, it is like a sorrowful cry that seems to be in dream.


“Hahahaha, Hora, Hora, Just tell me properly. The hiding place of your thief group.”


She was teasing him, no, she was actually tormenting him, Halva bring her ear close to the man mouth that was keep screaming. But, what she heard only a sobbing pain from the man.


“Maa, even though I read it from your mind directly, and it won’t be necessary to ask you anymore. But, After all I want to hear it directly from your mouth, right~? Didn’t you think so as well,Derito?”

“….. Yes”

“Haha, Derito you didn’t like something like this?”


Saying so, Halva seems to love it very much, looking at the man’s who was twisting their body because of pain.

Because he was completely restricted by the magic. It wasn’t possible for him to move.

Blood was gushed out from the knife wound, one of his eyes was crushed, and he also lose some of his teeth.

It is still much better, if it is only like that.

However underneath his neck.

There was countless of black thing moving around. It was a mouse about 10 cm. They covered his body and working without rest. Derito was unable to understand how much pain does this man receive from Halva torment.

There is no way his body gonna be alright after this.

Probably, his body will be eaten until there is nothing left.


But, he hasn’t died yet.


The mouse keep eating all his body.

He was kept alive by force.

The fear and the feeling of despair, no one will want to experience this kind of thing. When he think so in his mind, he also thinking the pain this man received was reasonable.

Halva seems to be able to read his mind and happily said.


“It can’t be helped. This man has enjoyed plenty of women and children so far, in comparison to their pain….., This degree of punishment isn’t even compare to it!”


She spat the last part of her word in anger, and scooped out his left eye with the knife in her hand. The man leaked out a feeble gasp like that of the old man.



“…. I know…. I am…. Wrong….”

“…. Forgive…. Me….”

“… I’m…. sorry….”

“Aha…. ahaha….hahaha….”


But, Halva keep tormenting him, there is another man with similiar situation as well.

There is 10 people in total.

They put their life to ask for a forgiveness, Even though it was hard to understand what they said.


“Ahahahaha, I can’t hear it. Can’t hear it!”


She ignore all of their apologized intentionally, with her blue eyes, she raise her voice in delight, and torment them in turn. She looks like a devil that was punishing the sinner in hell.

So, all of this start around a few hours ago.


* * *


After Alrac mislead the knight of Bendole, he approach the head of Goblins Purukku to talk about revenge.

Halva who is taking a command in his absence, yawning lightly while watching the crystal ball.

she is not particularly sleepy.

The master of Labyrinth Alrac and Halva have a trait that allowed them to not feel hunger, thirst and sleepiness. That is why they didn’t need to sleep or eat. But, could it be because their soul still remember the emotion they used to have as human being? that is why sometime they still make a habit like a human.

Derito who was near her think (It was natural) and decide that he saw nothing.

After they have mislead the knight from Bendole, with Alrac leading he depart from [Throne room], after that, time passed without accident.

In other word, she has a lot of spare time.

The scenery where adventure keep flowing in, one after the other they become the prey of the insect that was summoned to the labyrinth, the Goblins that was practicing as well as the state of the female thief that was setting up the traps was projected inside the crystal ball.

Watching the scenery that does not change, she can’t help but let another yawn escaped from her mouth.

Even though Derito was at the same place as Halva, he doesn’t even yawn once. That was because Derito is not as free as Halva.

To refrain him to interrupting the meeting, Alrac give him several book to read. He was told to gain knowledge from it. For this reason, there is a desk and chair that was placed at slightly lower place of Throne room. Because this place doesn’t have any place to learn, it was just temporarily measure.


“Don’t you become sleepy, Derito?”

“Because I have got enough sleep…..”

“No, that is not what I mean. Aren’t you become sleepy when you read all your book down to the letter?”


Hearing this word, Derito shake his head to the side in disapproval.


“No, It was fun and it blow my sleepness away.”

“Do you like books?”

“……. That’s right, it was fun to gain knowledge from the books.”

“Hmmmm~, you are like Oni-sama. You are suitable to become a magician.”


Hearing this word, Derito make a lonely face.


“I….. Didn’t have aptitude to become a magician.”

“Hm~, Because it wasn’t possible for you to produce the magic right?”

“Yes, on other hand, I can use Miracle of God.”

“Miracle of God, hm~”


Narrowing her blue eyes, while playing with her long black hair, Halva speak with mean voice.


“Hm, If you can use [Miracle of God] then doesn’t that mean?”

“….. Yes”

“Then you are from, the order of saint kingdom?”


A little bit anger was mixing in her voice, when Derito sense it, he shake his head from side to side in panic.


“No! It was different!”

“Then, what is it?”

“That is…..”

Hm~. Ma, it must because you like to pry.


What Halva mean was that [Miracle of God] is the power that change the prayer into another power.

If more prayer was put together, the power of the miracle will raise. if you put more prayer together of course the [Miracle] will become more powerful, but, the control will become more difficult. By the way, the miracle was excell in the healing system like [Curing Wounds] and [Curing Diseases] that is because many people pray for this.

Adversely, Magic was a power that change desire into power.

Using their inner desire, they can show the power without the need of other people wish.

When you activate both power, with exception of a few, it is necessary to guide it using the power of chant. Most of the item they use was Wand and Saint Seal. it was necessary to enhance the image in their mind.


“Saint Kingdom….., was a religious cult, what I said to you was the fact….”

“That is why, for those people that can’t perform a miracle, worship the people from religious cult, and though they are the messenger of god.”

“Because it is much easier to depend on the almighty existence.”

“Ahahahaha, I understand that feeling!”


When Halva thing about her elder brother, she smile.

When you look at her beautiful face that can make your heart skip a beat. Derito avert his gaze when he think about Lorna.


“Nnn? it seems like someone is coming.”

“Is it an adventurers?”

“I have a feeling they aren’t”


Derito stand up and go up the stair and look at the image from the crystal ball.

There, the sign of a group of Human and Goblins was projected.

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