Chapter 13 : Bendole Expedition

Sound of the armor echoed in the Underground Labyrinth.

They are Jahl Adjutant and his follower, they numbered around 30 people.

All of this peoples are the knight of Bendole.

With helmet that cover all their face, the wore armor that cover their body from head to toes, Their weapon was not a spear or a halberd,because to be able to swing their weapon at Underground Labyrinth they was equipped with either the sword or axe together with shield. So when they fought, they will be able to show their prowess to some degree.

But, As for the adjutant, he wanted to employ the adventure as a guard. However the adventure that always get pushed to unpleasant position can’t cooperate easily with the knight, So they will charge expensive compensation for their request till their eyes popped out.

But it was not possible for the adjutant to pay for such a compensation, because Jahl did not want to pay out.

So he unwillingly take his knight and come over to this dungeon.


They was able to find the road to Labyrinth relatif easily.


It was because the rumour about Underground Labyrinth was sold widely than what he thought, Even for those that was not adventure. When they check a little bit they will be able to found the entrance to Underground Labyrinth.

However, that is only until the entrance.

When it was inside the Labyrinth the story was different.

The adventure that was challenging the Labyrinth was not little, so the map was gradually completed through their sacrifice.

Some of the surrounding area map already been completed, the area where 3 kind of monster was located as well as the safety zone where there is no monster at all, was sold in high price between the adventure.

Alrac and Halva that was the center of Underground Labyrinth didn’t notice it at all. Derito who was originally an adventure also didn’t think the possibility that the map will be completed this early. The map was finished with simple warning mark.

If the adventure handover the map to the adjutant, they might be able to pictured the whole labyrinth immediately or there might be different development.

But, there is no adventure that will tell the existence of this map to the knight.

The reason was of course because, the adventure didn’t have any good feeling toward the Bendole Knight

For this reason, without [Map Creation] and [Trap Finder] skill and only depending on their intuition they charge forward into Underground Labyrinth. For Alrac it was as easy as twisting the hand of the baby.

Alrac possess the [Labyrinth of Chaos] skill, using this skill he can confuse the sense of direction when they was inside the Labyrinth, The Knight that was invading this place was lead to the place where nothing had prepared yet.


“It is dead end from this point on.”


The voice was carried from the Labyrinth passage behind the knight.

Some distance from behind the Knight, Alrac called out to intruder with cold voice.


“Wh, Who are you!”


Seeing A blond handsome young man appeared suddenly, the adjutant who was in the middle of their formation shout out.

Alrac didn’t miss the fear from his voice.


“What a rude person. My name is Alrac. Welcome to our Underground Labyrinth.”


Giving his name, the figure give a elegant bow, like this place was a ballroom and the partner he was talking to was a lady. But, this place was an Underground Labyrinth, and the partner was a knight that have continues marching become irritable.


“The master of this Labyrinth?”

“That is right, all the thing that was in Labyrinth was ours, those, you guys are a thief. So, you should accept your judgment quietly.”


He narrowed his blue eyes that looks as cold as ice.

For an instant, the knight feel the killing intent that make their body tremble, the adjutant pull out his sword and shout to suppress his fear.


“Bul, Bullshit! This place was owned by the Lord of Bendole! If there are a people living in this place, it should be The Lord himself,  and we are the follower who serve the Lord! You didn’t have right to judge us!”


Usually, this the approach Jahl used to oppress other people, the adjutant imitate him unconsciously.

If the opposite side was a villager, they will be overwhelmed and knell asking for a forgiveness.

But, this time his opponent isn’t like those villager.

Alrac was wondering if it was their luck that Halva is not here?

While sneering, Alrac answered.


“No, The Underground Labyrinth is our country. Your law doesn’t apply here. Even though it feel unpleasant, I will suppress all of you with my own power.”

“A, Arrest him!”


With the adjutant shout, the Knight repress their fear and approach Alrac.

They arrange their formation and put their shield in front of them.

[Knight Defense] and [Defense Formation] raise their defense, while the adjutant use the skill [Intimidation March] and [Battlefield Encouragement] to suppress the fear of his ally and giving his opponent a fear. The size of Underground Labyrinth was quite large, but, when the six knights with their full equipment line up, as expected there is no gaps at all. Even without the assistance of skill, their approaching formation will be able to invoke fear toward their opponent. But, to intimidating that man, the adjutant use the skill as well.



“I have watch a similiar stuff like this before.”


Alrac seems to be bored and said.

The adjutant did not know, that [Sword of Faith] had visit this Underground Labyrinth before, When they fought the Azure Knight Teerukisu, they use a similar tactic like this. Of course, the detail was slightly different, But, unlike Halva, Alrac didn’t have a skill to see through their skill.


“…….Interference, Disarm”


He immediately use a magic toward the approaching knight.

Pale ray of light can be seen flying toward them, and pierce the knight body.

[Magic Effect – Amplification] and [Magic Effect – Enchantment] was used to raise the skill to maximum. Furthermore with his [Lineage of Magician], Alrac was able to maintain his magic consumption while increasing his magic power. All the magic resistence the soldier have was sheltered, not to mention the sword and armor, even the hidden dagger and the belt as well, depending of the opponent, it was even able to pull out the both of their hand and feet nail as well as their tooth.


“My sword!”

“The Armor has disappeared too!”

“It hurrrrrttttt, my nail”

“How was we able to fight in this state!”




The sudden disappearance of their weapon and armor made the knight become defenseless and become panic in the moment.

Because the adjutant who was the one casted [Battlefield Encouragement] was swallowed by fear. As a penalty the fear was spread toward his subordinate and they become disordered.

There is person that try to run away, another one who lose a nail and tooth tumbles down because of pain, There is also people who just standing there and become senile, there is varies condition, but none of them was pleasant.

Even without penalty of [Battlefield Encouragement], With the sudden disappearance of the Knight weapon and armor that was protecting them, the moral that was not high in beginning plumed down considerably.


“Ab, Absurd…., such a magic….”


The adjutant say with trembled voice.

To become a Knight, they have receiving training and lesson in classroom. The information they receive on the first lecture was ‘Magic is not almighty’.

They knew the existence of the magic that disarm them just now.

However, the limit it can be used for common magician was only 1 or 2 people, with all their effort, 5 people will be their limit.

There are 30 people here, he should not have enough spiritual strength to compensate the magic he use.


“……. Transfer, Summon Goblins”


As to break their common sense, Alrac cast his next spell.

Will the number of Goblins he summoned double the number of the Knight?

Armed with shabby sword and armor, While shouting a battle cry, they attack the Knight that try to escape. No matter if they are running from Goblins or Alrac, they escape into the depths of Labyrinth passage. Unfortunately just like what Alrac said to them when they first meet. From this point onwards the Labyrinth was still unfinished, it was a dead end.

The Adjutant seems to be lucky, since he didn’t taste this despair.

Because, when the Chief goblin – Purukku led the goblins to attack the adjutant, he was not able to move because of fear and get his own throat cut.


* * *


After killing all 30 Knight, Purukku report their military exploitation.

And, when he finish hearing everything, Alrac frown his eyebrow and seems displeased.


“It seems like we have taken more damage than I though”

“I, I am sorry”


Because it was one-sided slaughter, it was unexpected that the Goblins that was killed by the Knight amount around 10 Goblins.


“As soon as there is no place to escape, they suddenly launch a desperate counter attack, and attack us bare-handed”

“Ah, I have heard it sometime ago.”


He interrupt when Purukku hurriedly try to explain what he already said coldly, Alarc seems to lose his spirit.


“I am sorry Purukku.”



Because their weapon and protective gear have been taken away, it drive their obsession to survive from this hopeless situation desperately. The one who make them like that, was Alrac himself.


“When I know the Knight has come, It give me a strange interest, to let you kill them by your own hand. Because of this, I cause a needless sacrifice. I am sorry”


Looking on his blue eyes, Purukku can see there is regret where he waste a Goblins life, there is also a hatred because he made a mistake of judgment.

But, Purukku who heard Alrac word, shaking his head to the left and right in  disapproval.


“Wh, What are you saying! Alrac-sama, Because we want to kill the Knight with our own hand, we accept the summon. The guys that was dead was because their skill is lacking.”

“…… Is that so, I thank you for you to say it like that”

“Phe, I even want to spit to those guy that was dead. To think they was killed by the weaponless opponent….”


Goblins was weak creature.

The fact that Goblins was weak, make Purukku clenching his fist.


“Because we can offered their soul to the labyrinth, there will be no problem with it.”


The head of the Goblins said so to Alrac.

There exist a Labyrinth Creation [Special Room], where it can strengthen the weak existences. If they able to create such room, The weak creature like Goblins can become a First class soldier in nature. Of course it is long way journey. But, Alrac word sank into Purukku heart.


(If we follow Alrac-sama, We Goblins can prosper more than now.)


Purukku, lower his head, and vowed a future loyalty towards Alrac.

Alrac look down and judge with his cold eyes. Probably he was thinking the price the head of Goblins pay, His Blue eye become colder than usual.