Chapter 11 : Those who challenge the labyrinth

At Bendole city, [Lion Fang] inn.

It was 5 story building, with the first and second floor as a pub, and from the third floor above was an inn.

It was mainly visited by adventurers as it guest, some of the adventurer that had retired may come here and reminisce the past.

At [Lion Fang] inn, a rumour was starting to spread around.



“Oi, have you heard about it?”

“You mean about the labyrinth that was found by [Iron Warmaiden]?



The adventurer party that was participate on Goblin subjection [Sword of Faith] and [Iron Warmaiden] incidentally found an Underground Labyrinth.

The rumour said that there is pile of treasure and fearsome monster waiting inside.

[Sword of Faith] encounter that monster when they are exploring inside, and almost get wiped out.

[Iron Warmaiden] also lost two of their members, but somehow they was able to kill the monster.

The problem is the treasure.

When they convert the treasure 4 of them brought out into cash, and divide it equally, it is still considerable amount of sum.



“How much does each of them get?”

“From the story I heard, each of them was able to obtain 300 common gold coin.”

“Didn’t the story said it about 500?”

“Even if half of that story was true, with that amount of gold it was enough for them to retired as an adventurer.”



If there is a person that was correcting the rumour, they must be shocked for sure.

Because one person share was 2000 common gold coin.

Incidentally, the amount of common gold that was used by citizen of big city from when they born until they die was amount to 1000 common gold coin. If it was citizen in self-sufficient farming village, the amount will sharply fall into 100 common gold coin.

In other world, if only one of them intend to use 2000 gold coin, they have earn enough for their entire lifetime. Of course, if they use it to start a business, getting married, and live in luxury the amount they will change.



“But hey~, even though they have take the treasure with them, there should be other treasure left behind right?”


Said a drunkard.

But, another man that still sober speak up.



“There is that too. Somehow there is still more inside~”

“The Treasure!?”




Such conversation was discussed in many bar.

And, the figure of people gathering their friend and create instant party can be seen at some table.



“What about the location of the labyrinth?”

“It seems like the [Iron Warmaiden] sold the information to thief guild.”

“Ok, Leave that side to me.”



While watching energized adventurers, The master of the bar feel glad.

Recently, because of large scale attack to Goblin village one after another, it drop the Goblins population, some of Barbarian tribe even go into hiding. Because of this, the number of work such as guarding a caravan was reduced.

Because there is information about Underground Labyrinth.

It is reassuring them because there is a successful adventurer.

With the possibility of leftover treasure, most of unmanageable adventurer that has a lot of free time start to gather their friend to challenge Underground Labyrinth.

The master of bar pray for their success.

And, when they succeed they will come to one of their shop and to drink liquor.


* * *


The rumour of Underground Labyrinth also spread out to people beside adventurers.

Order of Knight in the city.

Private room of expedition captain.

There was 2 man inside the room.

One of them is expedition captain Jahl which was the master of this room.

he was 40 years old man with seedy-look with neatly cut mustache, he wave his dirty blond hair lightly, his eyes was the same color with his mustache.

The other one is Jahl Adjutant.

He is still young. This young man just turn into 22 years old this year, he has auburn colored eyes and bright blond hair. To be able to become a Adjutant of Expedition captain at this age, there is no need to mention his skill to use sword, he was also highly educated and respected. But, Because the wage for Adjutant was not high, he was made to take part on his boss unfairness, he often had to pull the short end of the stick.

And, he think this time he also was about to pick up the short end of the stick too, while finishing his report.

While the expedition captain of Bendole Jahl play with his mustache that was cut neatly, he ask his Adjutant.




“There was a labyrinth in such place? why we never heard about it?”

“Y,Yes. I am sorry!”



Jahl ask his frightened Lieutenant while he appraise him, He walk slowly and tap his shoulder lightly.


“It seems like the adventurer party had obtained a lot of treasure from the Labyrinth.”

“….. That is right.”

“Is it a lot more than the treasure we seize from Goblin village?”



Jahl speak like he was teasing him, while looking at his Adjutant face.

His face looks pale, he knows his body was shivering from the hand that was on his shoulder.


“What’s wrong? why are you shaking?

“I, I am sorry”



With his Adjutant apologizing, Jahl narrow his eyes and separate his hand from his shoulder.


“We should sent an expedition force toward that gold mine, it will be foolish, if we just to obtaining small amount of money from Goblin village.”

“I, I will immediately dispatch the expedition force one more time!”

“Fool! We can’t move it so many time over!”


With that thundering roar, the Adjutant close his mouth hastily.

Actually, I was not popular to move expedition troop often.

First of all, it was necessary for the lord to pay for the expedition expense.

For this reason, without the Lord permission, they will not able to prepare the march by securing food and re-recruit militia that already disbanded, buying new arms, and many other things. Beside, a day hasn’t even passed since the expedition force was disbanded.

For example, even if there is gold mine right before their eyes, and the adventurers in the bar doesn’t know about it, a Lord of the city will not move their army so easily. The Lord of Bendole in particular is a conservative man, he was showing a disapproval to attack the Goblin village until the last moment. Of course, it is not because he show a sympathy toward Goblins, this is because if he simply move the troops, he was concerned about the future yield of tax and the expedition expense.





“Lead your subordinate and go to the Labyrinth! And collect the treasure!”



Jahl yell at his Adjutant.

The Adjutant understand what he means, so he argue in hurry.


“Captain Jahl, ju, just a moment please! we aren’t an adventurer. I hear there is a monster lies hidden inside Underground Labyrinth, there is also a deadly trap inside as well. We the soldier only trained to fight human, if it was combined of monster and trap….”




Jahl shout with anger while hitting his Lieutenant.

There is blood flowed out in the corner of the Adjutant mouth, he appeal without minding it.



“Ple, Please reconsider it.”

“Quiet, quiet, Be Quiet! You should just carry out what I say you fool!”



While saying so, Jahl hit him several time more, he heave his shoulder while being out of breath and curse him.


“Listen, depart immediately! if you say you can’t do it, I will charge you for a treason! and it is not only you. Your whole family will be kicked out of street! No, I will hang all of you up!”




When he said it like this, the adjutant can’t argue anymore.

Jahl was not only a short-tempered person, but also a cruel one.

Because he has the power to carry out what he said, he will carry out what he said a while ago without hesitating if he decline. The knight that had humiliate Jahl before was banished. Without minding that the adjutant has served him with devotion for so many years, he will still carried out what he say.



“….. Yes, I understood.”


When the adjutant salute, Jahl shout with angry voice ‘Begin Quickly!’

When the adjutant leave the room, While cursing Jahl in his heart, he decide to summon all his subordinate.



* * *


The small mountain where local pe called Mt Dahl.

It was the headquarters of small bandit group called [Rotten Wolf], it was located near Underground Labyrinth.

There is small fort at the heart of the mountain.

The building was made from stone, soil, and tree, so it somewhat have defense capacity.

In one of the room at the fort.

It is the room of the boss of thief group, Zarudo. Currently his subordinate was telling him the story of his travel and reporting the food and the weapon they bought from Bendole.



“So, the adventurer made a fortune in one night from the treasure they obtain from the labyrinth.”


While listening to his subordinate story, the boss of thief group Zarudo gulp down his liquor.

He is around mid-30 years old with the bandage covered one of his eye, his hair was shaved neatly, he  has bushed beard like a dwarf. Because he lead a ruffian bandit, he give off overpowering impression from his strong body, If a weak-willed person meet him, he will prostrate himself immediately.

His skill in sword is good, Furthermore he use a scimitar that emanated a red glow that hide a power to burn his opponent who he cut.

He was a man that lead thief group [Rotten Wolf] that has 50 member in it, In time of crisis he will be able to gather and lead 100 thief quickly.

But, he was a troublesome fellow, he love to fight for money, liquor and woman, but he was loyal to his friend, he was enjoying this bandit business with his fellow friend.



“However, there a still a treasure inside the labyrinth, some reckless adventurer was ready to challenge the labyrinth. …… even though we didn’t take rumor seriously, but how about it?”

“Mmm, I don’t think it is bad.”



While saying so, he gulp down his liquor again.

While the subordinate was talking to Zarudo, in his room, there is 6 thief that acted as his bodyguard teasing 2 woman inside that room. While they were talking, the woman kept being teased, they are toyed like a doll until they can’t cry and only show some small reaction.

After Zarudo finish speaking he sense a lecherous gaze from his subordinate eyes, he grin and tell him.



“Thanks for your trouble. Go and enjoy it too”

“Y, Yes!”

“They have been raped for almost 10 days, seems like they will die soon. Oh yeah, don’t forget to dispose the body properly when they die.”



The thief leader tell them ruthlessly.

The mens who is teasing the girl unanimously say



“Since they’re sisters, their tightness seems to resembles each other”

“Maa, It’s because boss has broken them down considerably.”

“At first they scream and refused, but now it seems like they already giving up on screaming.”

“Anyways, are they still useable?”

“I say, before long they will become a pig food.”

“Oi, what are you saying? I wonder which one I should help myself with~”


When the woman hear their word they was twitching for instant, perhaps it was the elder sister, when the subordinate take off his cloth and attack her, nobody seems to mind it.


(If this woman die, it seems like I need to prepare a new one.”


While thinking such a thing, Zarudo gulp down his liquor.

It’s cheap liquor.

But, to drink liquor while watching a woman being raped is a pleasure for him.

While Zarudo enjoying this scene, he is considering the story about the labyrinth that his subordinate brought to him.



(Recently we only can watch the merchant that pass this area. Even if we attack a village it does not yield much, because Goblin villages was being crushed, we need to be cautious.)


All member here was a ruffian, since they only fight when they have confident to win, their productivity was low. Therefore, for food, daily necessity, and arms need to be bought from the city around here. Of course, if they attack farming-village and merchant for too many time, there is danger a subjugation team being sent like what happen to Goblin village.

They should think fast and calculate all possibility.

In other word, as long as it is not too showy the feudal lord will not move his soldier.



“….. The Underground Labyrinth, Let’s go~”


He put down the empty bottle of the liquor, there is ferocious smile on his face.

At the same time, the woman that was being teased stop moving anymore.

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